Lake Trout!!!

Meet the denizen of the deep - Lake Trout. In Lake Chelan, they average 3-7 pounds. The state record fish of 35lb 10oz was caught by Phil Colyar of Wenatchee in 2013. Many Lakers over 10 pounds are caught. Lake Trout can live many years and continue to grow their entire lives.

The eating-size fish (2-5 pounds) are fantastic table fare. We will clean and chill your catch for you at no additional charge.

Beautiful-Wouldn't you like to catch something like this?

How about the fish that Allen and his daughter caught? These are a couple of beauties.

One BIG, Beautiful fish and a group of happy young fishermen!

Bragging rights! This is the webmanager with her TROPHY fish. 14 POUNDS and 33 INCHES of fighting fun!

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Here is one happy angler.

Here is a youngster with his prize - another lucky angler - and a group of friends with their catches.

Here are more kids with their catches. Making youngsters enjoy the
experience is what we strive for.


More Beautiful Lake Trout
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Chinook Salmon

Although they have been scarce the last few years, Lake Chelan is renowned
for it's landlocked Chinook Salmon fishery, as well. If you are fortunate enough to
hook one of these fish, you will see one of God's masterpieces. Here are a couple
photos of two of our salmon catches.


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