Notes from Clients:

5/4/17 - Hi Jeff! Thanks to you, we�re eating the BEST Lake Trout ever right now! With fresh white corn-on-the-cob! Fabulous! Cheers! Hope you�ll come visit us sometime & enjoy some local flavors here in the San Juan Islands! Naoni & Greg Zervas, Owners / Innkeepers, Hillside House Bed & Breakfast, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

7/18/16 - My son & I had the pleasure of going fishing on Lake Chelan in July with guide Jeff Witkowski from Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service! It was a fantastic experience and we look forward to making this an annual event. Jeff is an expert fisherman who not only helped us catch a bounty of Mackinaw (Lake Trout) but entertained us with his charm, humor, stories and wit for the day. He quickly and proactively engaged our teenage son and had him involved in various aspects of the fishing process. It was not only a great fishing trip but an experience of a lifetime for our son that he will probably never forget. Fishing for Mack's on Lake Chelan is a highly technical type of fishing and you need to have the expertise and knowledge to be successful. Jeff has no shortage of those qualities and the results were spectacular. We came back with more fish than we knew what to do with. In fact, we had to overnight a vacuum sealer to pack up all of the fish we caught. It was well worth it! On Jeff's suggestion, the first night I just rubbed the fillets with olive oil, sprinkled them with Lemon Pepper and grilled them. It was out of this world fantastic. My wife couldn't stop raving how good it was and she is sort of a seafood snob coming from Italy where fresh seafood was caught daily by her father or purchased directly from the fisherman at the shore. My son proclaimed it the best fish he has ever eaten in his life. Eating fresh fish from the pristine waters of Lake Chelan was a fare fit for a king. The meat closely resembles that of Salmon with its pink to slightly red color. We also opted for an exchange of a couple of fish cold smoked by Don and that was prepared to perfection. That is a delicacy of its own. After we ate some, I had wished I had gotten more. Truly spectacular. The only regret I have is that I wished I had taken more pictures of the whole experience. I was just so into the moment that it didn't occur to me to take photos. If there is anyway possible I'd love to have a copy of the photo Jeff took of us and the fish that were caught. If you are considering a fishing trip on Lake Chelan, I highly encourage you to give Darrell & Dads a call and book a trip. It will be an experience that you will cherish for a long time to come! We are already planning next year�s trip and I have convinced my wife to come along. Jeff, if you're reading this, Alex, (aka "Horn"), wants to know what restaurant you prefer your pizza from! He's buying! Stephan Arzoumanian

7/18/16 - Dear Anton, Thank you for the one of my loveliest days in the U S A. Hope to see you in Egypt. Emad Morsy

6/7/16 - Jeff, Thanks for the pictures and great day. You helped us make a memory that will last forever. Much appreciated. Peter Eberle

1-23-15: Jeff, Thanks so much for the great fishing! You are a super guide and a lot of fun. Consider the Baumgartners as very appreciative and your friends. My boys � Craig and Patrick had an awesome time. But the big deal for me was the fun my brother Dick had. He is 80 and has terminal leukemia. He is the best outdoorsman I have ever known and my best friend. His hunting and fishing accomplishments are beyond description. As an example, he has shot at least one buck each year since he was 15 and many more. Last year, with his leukemia, he shot antelope in Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming; elk in Colorado; and a trophy blacktail in Oregon. Wish I had all of his stories recorded somewhere. The point is that he is a special person and we had fun.Hope we get to have some more fishing fun in the future. My fillets are already vacuum sealed, except for those that made a nice, very tasty lunch. Regards to �Darrell and Dads�. And take care of you. Keep on fishing and counting those cranks on the reels, Dave Baumgartner

8/24/14 - Andrew Hennen from Oregon. - Wonderful day with my son and crew. Caught 10 fish and the last one was the most exciting. Fish shook loose but we were able to turn around and net it before it escaped. Guide: Anton Deckhand:Sebastian

8/23/14 - Susan Huber and family from Seattle, WA. - We started out early and caught 3 fish in the first 30 minutes. Got to see the Lady of the Lake and the Lady Express. The fishing got slow but the entertainment was great. Guide: Anton

8/23/14 - Joakim Lindahl and family from Bothell, WA. - We caught 4 fish right off the bat. Then while Jeff was bringing in the last line, we hooked the last fish of the day. A prefect beginning and end to an awesome trip. Guide: Jeff Witkowski

8/20/14 & 8/21/14 - Craig Wickstrom of Fox Island, WA. - Booked an evening trip with Anton. My son and I had a great time not only fishing but also the wonderful conversation and insight on fishing and the local history. Had so much fun on Wednesday with my son that the daughter had to come on Thursday. Great time! Guide: Anton Deckhand: Sebastian

8/18/14 - Dino Christofilis group from Seattle, WA. - We are very grateful to Jeff. We had a very memorable fishing trip. The boys had so much fun, that they are looking to do this trip again next year. Jeff really wanted us to catch fish. He really worked hard for us. Guide: Jeff Witkowski

8/7/14 - Dean and Lynnz Swanson of Puyallup, WA. - Loved the smoked trout dip. What a great day. Anton was very informative on everything that was happening. What a great filleter! Sebastian was great too. Guide: Anton Deckhand: Sebastian (What is the proper word for someone who is good at cleaning our fish?)

7/30/14 - John O'Halloran and Danny Croneen from Arizona. - My crazy Uncle and I had a blast...." Reel this fish in please." times eleven! P.S. The crazy Uncle is guide, Jeff Witkowski

7/18/14 - Russ Skurskii and Adrianna Lippy from Puyallup, WA. - We took a midmorning trip with Jeff. Within 15 minutes first fish was in the boat. Fishing was consistent all afternoon, finishing with eleven fish on fourteen strikes. We will definitely be coming back again. Guide: Jeff Witkowski

7/12/14 - David and Barbara Hoye from Blaine, WA. - We caught so many fish that we called the trip a little early so that the grandson could get in his daily allotment of swimming. Crew was friendly, had good stories and worked very hard. Trip was everything I had hoped it would be. Guide: Anton Deckhand: Sebastian

7/11/14 - Morgan and Ashleigh Barendregt from Wembly, A.B Canda - We had a great experience! Not only hooked a good number of fish, but when one slipped the hook at the last second, Sebastian dove in with the net to save the catch! Now that's dedication! Thanks for the fun. Guide: Anton Deckhand: Sebastian

3/6/14 - The Christenson Family, Dave, Jen, Eli & Emily - We all had a blast and will definitely be booking lots more outings with you in the future and recommending you to everyone! Thanks for the GREAT pictures too! I think that will be our Christmas card this year. Pretty awesome! We learned fast because, Jeff, you are an amazing teacher and so organized. You are a phenomenal guide and made it fun for the whole family/got everyone involved! It's obvious you are passionate and truly love what you do!!! Dave will spread the news to the golfers he meets who ask about fishing and we'll also spread the word in our development. We're building a house at The Lookout in Chelan which is mainly vacation homes/rentals (lots of those Seattle folk Haha!) Until our next outing.....

9/22/13 - Cynthia Denny & Joe Dobyns: We wanted to let you know that we had the time of a lifetime fishing with Jeff yesterday (9/21/13) on Chelan. I have wanted to fish Lake Chelan all my adult life but knew that it was difficult to fish. My grandfather and dad used to fish this lake quite some time ago and I still remember some of the stories they had about the fishing and the lake itself. Both Cynthia and I were so glad we out there with Jeff and didn't go out on our own to give it a shot. Jeff is just a great person as well as an outstanding guide and we are so impressed with the entire experience that we will be thinking and talking about this for a very long time. The entire experience from booking the trip to now is so refreshing and impressive that I really don't quite know how to put it into words, so I will say Thank You and we will not only be coming back as soon as possible, so will anyone we know that wants the experience of a lifetime. Thank You so much, We really had a blast!

1/29/11 - Corrine and Jerrod Biggar of Waterville: My son gave me this trip as a Christmas present. We've fished many times on Lake Chelan but had never caught a Lake Trout. We have now! Had an awesome day. Thanks!

1/28/11 - Ken Vaughn of North Bend: Great weather, Great guides and fishing!

1/14/11 - Angel & Roger Fleek and their son Mitchell: A Great Day of Fishing! 15 in all! Beautiful 50+ degree day & sunny. Need to come back again (after working on our shoulder exercises so we'll be ready!) Andy kept us busy hitting the fish regularly! Great Guide!

2/5/2011 Steve and Dan Woods: Had an outstanding day on the water. Caught fish consistently all day. Andy was great with all his advice and effort to keep us on fish. Best day on the water in years.

2/5/2011 Mike and Pat Gibson: Beautiful day, good fishing, and great guide. (Jeff)

2/21/2011 Mark and Sue Robinson. Jeff is awesome. Great guide, beautiful scenery. Open up new recreational fix at our home at Chelan. Can't wait to take granddaughter fishing.

2/22/2011 Justin and Jared Joyner: Great day at the water with friend and son. I learned another one of Washington's beautiful fisheries with a wealth of information with both guides. ( Andy and Jeff)

2/23/2011 Edmond Sanctis: It was not a typical day for fishing with temps in the 20's and steady snowfall. Anton and Jeff braved the elements and everybody in our party landed at least one nice lake trout. Great day but we're ready for a toasty fireplace.

2/23/2011 Mike Flortre and Traci Todd: It was very cold, snow half of the day. I usually get cold but today I was very comfortable. (Traci) I like the guides and the effort that is put into the fishing. I will come back again. (Mike)

2/27/2011 Daven Dynes: Very fun and relaxing. Anton and Jeff make it a point to make us comfortable and warm. Very pleasant experiences and plan on doing it again soon.

2/19/2011 Devin Page, Casey Willis: We really did work on the Lake Trout. Devin beat Casey in the one on one derby. Nice day.

2/15/2011 Albert Stubbs: Good conversation , swapped fishing stories. Good day, good weather, good fishing and conversation. We will fish with you again. 8lb. 3 oz. Biggest trout I every caught. (Rufus Woods Triploid)

2/13/2011 Randy Cole: Andy was great and fun to be with. Sleepy fish didn't walk up until 9:30 a.m. much like Andy said! Had a blast- my arms will ache tomorrow! Cleaning brings another two in!

2/12/2011 Drew Kocher: We enjoyed the ease at which Anton repaired the downrigger after the line came off the spool. Nice job! We enjoyed the information, not only local fisheries, but in the Northwest region. We needed this time together to get us out of our winter doldrums. Great job from both of you, and we will be back.

2/12/2011 Don Starkweather: Beautiful weather, fantastic fishing. Would suggest your service to anybody. Like Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, the fish say "Who are those guys?"

2/18/2011 Gordon Lueck: Great trip with Anton and Jeff. Cold and snowy day with consistent bites throughout the half day. Seven in the boat with as many more biting. A great 11 pounder in the boat. Thanks again, Anton and Jeff. We'll be back.

3/5/2011 Randy and Sandra Woodson: Met Jeff at dock and he did everything to make our day comfortable and enjoyable. He was very personable and friendly and made this our first trip to Lake Chelan one to remember and want to do again.

3/7/2011 Jon and David Crawford: Great Day- Never had a guide work this hard before. (Anton)

3/12/2011 Ted Couch on Lake Chelan with Anton: Friendly, knowledgeable guide, top notch equipment and to top it off the biggest trout I have ever caught! (10 lb. Laker) I learned tons of things about fishing and can't wait to come back!

3/14/2011 Puget Sound Anglers group: Any day fishing with Anton is a better day than at work. All 4 of us had a great time fishing. We stayed in the Hideaway and it's as nice as any 4 star hotel. He has two nice boats to fish out of.

3/14/2011 Alex Yunin, age 10: It was fantastic because everyone made fun of me. Then I caught a monster. (10 lb. Laker)

5-26-11 Keith Barber wrote" very windy to start the day but turned into a great day of fishing. Caught 6 nice Lake Trout.

5-22-2011 Repeat customer from Arizona- David and Aki Bellerson and ChrisWesterlund of Montana wrote" Floating debris filled the day. Always fun with Anton and plenty of fish. Great meeting Gary on this trip- nice gentleman. Nice to come home to "my lake". Wish the weather was sunny but a great trip on the lake!

5/20/11 Dave Mitchell, Vince Santeford: Great time Many memorable times: catching the line with a fish and someone else's lure, watching Anton try to stab his own hand, and getting a fish that had been caught following the chum line. Thanks for a great day in the sunshine.

5-17-11 David and Doris Wilding from Utah wrote " The not funny thing was Doris caught the two biggest fish. Enjoyed the sunshine and blue sky after days of rain. Anton is fun to watch- dedicated, hard working fisherman. He is totally focused on catching fish. We had an awesome time. Thanks.

10-18-11 Good morning, I wanted to let you know how much Janet and I appreciated the stay at the Hideaway and how much I enjoyed the fishing charter. Jeff and Brian were awesome and did a great job. We landed 16 fish into the boat for me which blew my mind. Jeff and Brian are very professional and were also great company on the lake. I will definitely be booking my charters for your area with your crew again. Those two are pro! Thank you, Justin Dubos AND to Jeff, the guide: Hey man, I really appreciate the fishing trip on Saturday. That was a lot of fun and a good time. You guys really know how to fish and I'm still bragging about the (16) landed Mackinaws. They do taste great and you are right about not over seasoning it. Thanks and hope to fish with you guys again, Justin Dubos.

5-17-11 David and Doris Wilding from Utah wrote " The not funny thing was Doris caught the two biggest fish. Enjoyed the sunshine and blue sky after days of rain. Anton is fun to watch- dedicated, hard working fisherman. He is totally focused on catching fish. We had an awesome time. Thanks.

11-13-11 I would like to tell you that our fishing experience with Jeff and Brian was great. The Cato, father and son fishing team, enjoyed the two days of fishing, catching and releasing fish bigger than we have ever caught before was something else. The trip up and down the river-lake with the scenery was wonderful, the weather from cold to warm, sunny to rain, foggy to clear, covered the whole range of conditions. Jeff and Brian are great teachers in the art of fishing and with good tales of past adventures, both my son son and I will do this again. Till next time thank you and your team for the outstanding outing. Jim & Mike Cato

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