Uplake Trip

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From Chef Bob Aungst, who fished 12/23/14: “I would like to thank Guide Jeff Whitkowski for asking me to hand craft new recipes for the incredible fish “Mackinaw”. This fish is not widely known and very difficult to catch, but well worth the effort! Feeding mostly on Mysis Shrimp, the flesh is a light to deep red color, similar to salmon. The flavor is very light and delicate, however. I will share other recipes for this incredible fish, but my first is pictured here. The seasoning, courtesy of Greta George Stewart, is salt, pepper, paprika, brown sugar, squeeze of lemon and melted butter. I grilled the fish on foil and it was unbelievably tender and flavorful. If you are interested in this fish, check out Guide Jeff Whitkowski and tell him CB sent you!”

12/24/14 - Yarisbel Espinoza (9) of Manson with the first limit of Kokanee this winter. She fished with Grandfather Pepe' Hernandez. 12/23/14 Repeat customer Randy Stewart of Ellensburg brought Chef Bob Aungst of Winter Park, FL out to work over the trench. 12/28/14 - Wayne Kettler of Arlington, WA with Doug Mitchell of Granite Falls, WA with their batch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

11-26-14 - Darryn Wiersma of Marysville with his morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 11-27-14 - Cody Dobbins (13) of Kennewick with his North Shore Bighorn. 11-28-14 - Tabatha, Jess and Stephen (14th birthday!) of Hoquiam with Stephen's fish for the morning.

11/12/14 - Tasula and Len Berggren of Coquitlam, BC with their morning's catch of Lakers. 11/15/14 - Repeat customer Dean Williams, with Casey McAfee, Parker Williams and Miles Kendrick of Monroe, WA with their morning's catch of Lakers. 11/15/14 our very own Jeff Witkowski with a nice holdover Rainbow caught in Mill Bay on Lake Chelan.

11/8/14 - Adrian Sinkey with Geoff, Grant and Garrett Harrington of Seattle with their day's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

10/29/14 - Geoff Corso of Tacoma (special thanks as a many time repeat customer) with his morning's catch of Mackinaw. 11/3/14 - The Hurst gang out of Selah /Yakima (again special thanks to a many time repeat customer) with their catch of Lake Chelan Lakers.

10/24/14 - Randy Knopp of Moses Lake with kids Josh and Tosha with their day's catch of Lake Chelan Lakers. 10/25/14 - Cindi Doell and Dan Ruckman of San Ramon, CA with their morning's catch of Lakers. 10/17/14 - Lake Chelan North Shore Bighorn Sheep. That's a nice ram!

10/14/14 - Steve and Odessa Hall all the way from Zebulon, GA with their morning's fish. 10/16/14 - Rich Neal from Glenns Ferry, ID with brother Rich Neal from Shelton, WA with their morning's fish. The brothers had a great time getting together to fish and catch up.

10-6-14 - Sara and Gabe Nesbitt of Moses Lake with their catch of the morning. 10-7-14 Guide Jeff Witkowski's catch of Pikeminnow after playing water taxi.
10-11-14 - The old man Anton himself with a Kinnakeet pond-caught Sheepshead... Hi from Avon, NC.

10-2-14 - Repeat customers Loran Vahlsing and Jim Kenney with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 10-6-14 - Sara Nesbitt with an elusive Lake Chelan Landlocked King. She fished with her husband Gabe for their wedding anniversary. 10-5-14 Guide Jeff Witkowski took his daughters, Tiffany & Lindsey out with grandsons Holland (9) and Blake (5) for a morning's Mack fishing.

9/18/14 - Taylor Wilson, Elie Aboulafia and Audrey Aboulafia of Seattle with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. They are accomplished anglers, having fished with us a number of times! 9/19/14 - Caroline and Craig O'Brine of Yakima with their catch of the day!

8/31/14 - Spencer, Chris (18) & Andrew (13) Braden of Fife, WA with their morning's catch of Lakers. 9/13/14 - Ken, Lily and Dylan (5) Neault of Renton, WA with their evening's catch of Mackinaw.

8/25/14: The Youngberg clan from Anacortes with their mornings catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 8/21/14: Brian Riseland with son Evan (13) and Steve Schwartz with son Zach (6) from Woodinville with their morning's catch of Lakers.

8/15/14: Igor, Slavin, Rustam (7), and Nazar (5) Mimalo of Seattle with their fish. Coats in August... Crazy weather.

8/5/14 - Matt and Larry Koehler with Matt's 12 and 8 year old. They are from Sultan, WA. 8/5/14 - The 12 year old with his 19 pound Laker.

7/30/14 James Moen of Centralia, WA with Aydan Costin (14), Julian Sanschez (15) and Brandy Moen (10) with their catch of Lakers. 7/30/14 Dennis Lavinthal of Woodlawn Hills, CA with a nice 13# evening Mac. 7/31/14 Ken & Amy Webert with Area (9) and Stanley (9) of Seattle, WA with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Stanley named the big fish of the day (9 pounds): “The King of Chelan”.

7/21/14 Bryan Smith of Seattle with a 13 pound Lake Chelan Mack. He fished with Bob Smith. Mike Chandler, Roberta Iliff, Ron Wilson and Barb Taylor of Fairfield, WA with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw!

7-19-14 Robert Colwell of Issaquah and Steve Clark of Chelan with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw including a 12.3 pound “Bar” fish. Lyndon Stout and Julia Leizuira with Eve Leizuira (12); Jessica Stout (9) and Emily “big fish” Stout (8) with their morning catch of Lake Chelan Lakers. Emily got a 16.2# and an 11.8# Mack! Eight year old Emily with her 16.2# fish!

6/14/14 - Part of the Larry Craig party from Kirkland with one of their 61 Lahontan Cutts that caught and released in their day's fishing. 6/14/14 - Dan and Natalia Frumin of Bellevue with son Alex (3) with their evening's catch of Lakers. Sons Ben (5) and Mateo (7mo) were taking a nap at picture time. 6/15/14 - Chandler Moy (14) and Jeffrey Ding (14) of Mukilteo and Seattle with their morning's mixed bag catch of Kokanee, Rainbow, Laker and Pikeminnow. Christine Ta took them out with us.

5/24/14 - The Jackson Clan of Sumner, Issaquah and various other Western Washington locations with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 5/28/14 - The old man (Anton) with a 12# Laker. Photo courtesy of grandson Jesse Ryan who reeled in a double while I got to play with this fish! 6/6/14 - Darrell & Dad's CFO, Sandra Jones of Manson with a nice 3 pound Omak Lake Lahontan Cutt.

5/13/14 Jerry and Cheri Wilkins of Lacey, WA with their “uplake trip” catch of the day! They got a pile of Lakers, a handful of Rainbow Trout, and one of Lake Chelan's elusive Landlocked Chinook. 5/17/14 - John McKinnon of Kennewick with his wife Teresa, son Nathan and in-laws, Dick & Nancy Krause of Burbank, WA and their morning's catch Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

5/10/14 - Pictured: Andy Duke with Amil, Dalton (13) and Dylan (10) Kohl of Yakima with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and a Rainbow Trout. 5/10/14 - David Laskowski of Redmond, WA with Hwi Kim of Federal Way and their other fishing partner with their day's catch of Lakers and Rainbow Trout. 5/10/14 - Dalton Kohl (13) with a nice Lake Chelan Mack.

4/29/14 - Mike, Nina, Karen and Eric Clancy of Puyallup, WA with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and Rainbow Trout. 4/30/14 - Jim Wagner of Graham, WA with James Trujillo of Ponderosa NM with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Lakers. 5/3/14 - One of our WashingtonLakes.com crew with a nice 17.5" Lake Chelan Kokanee.

4/13/14 - “Monk” of Vancouver, WA with a 16# 9oz Mackinaw. His buddies and he were taking a break from dam work. 4/16/14 - Leo Stashivige with Randy Palmer of Wenatchee with their morning's catch of Mackinaw. It was Leo's birthday present trip. 4/19/14 - McKinley Widman (12) of Wenatchee and Darrrell and Dad's “deckhand in training” with a brace of her Roses Rainbow limit.

4/7/14 - Andy Byrd of Cle Elum and Jeff Witkowski of Darrell & Dad's with their catch of jigged Lake Chelan Lakers. 4/9/14 - Rodney Ott of Bend, OR with his Birthday trip take of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

4/1/14 Pepe Hernandez, Laura and Isai (10) Rodriguez with a nice group of Lake Chelan Lakers. 4/4/14 - Neil Doherty of Everett and Barry Douglas of Ridgecrest, CA came out for a morning's fishing. 4/5/14 - Tom Nordman came out with his friend Eric for a morning Mack trip. Working Colyar ledge and Manson Bay worked great. Got a nice 9# in the mix! 4/6/14 The Olson men went out and fished with Anton. 4/6/14 Jake Lee brought out his friends for his bachelor party!

3/22/14 - Chris, Ryland and Connor Danhof from Marysville with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 3/23/14 - Frank Gallo of Puyallup with his buddy David with their Laker pile for the morning.

3/21/14 - John Mataka and Ken McElmeel of the Seattle Poggie Club with their day's haul of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 3/23/14 - Burke Bordner with daughter Mia (11) and son Charlie (9) with their morning's catch of Lakers. They are from Chelan and Slidewaters.

3/14/14 - Michelle and Jose Diaz, from Ellensburg, did a windy, 4 hour Mack trip with Jeff. Fish are VERY concentrated in the heart of the Trench, wind made it tough to spin on 'em but we did it. Needlefish squiddys and mini Aces got the fish to bite again. Cool rainbow. 3/15/14 - Bill Chase did 4 hour morning Mack trip with Jeff today. Slim-profile rigs, VERY slow, in the heart of the Trench worked. 3/16/14 Many-time, repeat customer, Tom Roberts from Snohomish, did 4-hour morning trip with Jeff in very tough wind. Jeremy Schultz and Callie Spencer, from Cheney, did 4-hour mid-day Mack trip with Jeff in even tougher wind but we were able to man-up some fish. Fish keep telling Jeff that they want smaller, slimmer presentations, slower speed, finesse to get more bites. Fished the heart of the Trench.

3/5/14 - Carl Hoffsommer from Lynnwood did mid-day Macks with Jeff. Mini-Aces and Needlefish squiddys got all the fish in the Trench. Great fun! 3/6/14 The Christenson family (Dave, Jennifer, Eli and Emily) from Chelan, did a 4-hour morning Mackinaw trip with Jeff. Mini-Aces and Needlefish squiddys in the Trench worked for the Macks. Teasing the Macks worked, short/light biters, idle/resume would make them come back or their brother would take it. “Cheater” rod, rigged with mini-cha cha, got in the game, lit-up this fatty 17” Kokenee for Mom (Jennifer) and this daisy 21” Rainbow for Eli! 3/7/14 - Chris O'Cain and crew from Cle Elum, fished a 4-hour morning Mack trip with Jeff in the Trench. Mini-Aces and Needlefish squiddys did it again. 56 degrees today!!! WOO-HOO!!! 3/8/14 - Repeat customer, Dean Williams and crew from Redmond, did a 4-hour trip with Jeff again. Slim-profile rigs got the bites again today, fish concentrated in the heart of the Trench. 3/12/14 - John McClanahan from Entait and Dave Rogge from Chelan, fished 4 hour morning Macks with Jeff. Needlefish squiddy in the heart of the Trench was the big producer today. It was Dave's B-day, and Jeff appreciated him spending part of it with him.

2/27/14 - Dave, Jessica, Russ Devorkin from Chelan, Everet Gurule from Wenatchee, 4-hour morning Mackinaw trip with Jeff. Aces and Kingfishers in the Trench got the fish... 2/28/14 - Walter B. and Walter G. Morgan, along with Brian and Max Scoggin, all from Pomeroy, fished Chelan with Jeff. They fished for Macks for a couple hours, then for Kokonee for a couple hours, then back to Mackinaw. Jeff got this 20” Rainbow from the dock this morning while he was waiting for his customers... 3/2/14 - Josh McAlvey and Sean Ranno, both from Chelan, did 4-hour “blizzard” Mackinaw trip with Jeff. Needlefish squiddys and Kingfisher Lites got the most bites today in the Trench. Launching in a snow-storm... again... If you are ever curious about whether it is going to snow in Chelan, please disregard ALL weather reports, just call Jeff to see if he has a trip booked for the next day. It ONLY snows in Chelan if he absolutely MUST get the boat in the crick... just sayin'... FISH ON! ;-)

2/25/14 - Roger Sorenson and Pepe' Hernandez both of Manson and Blueberry Hills fame with their and Jeff's Lake Chelan Kokanee.They had fifty-one bites/fish-on to get 25 in the box. 3 different age classes, a few 9", most 11-12", a couple 17".

2/21/14 - Mike and Berta Chandler, from Fairfield, WA, did a mid-day Mackinaw trip with Jeff today. Wind was howlin', waited at the ramp for a window, snuck out and got the lines in at 1:00, got a few hours in and a nice 7.0# Mack. Look how nice 7.0#, "shrimp-fed", Mack filets are! 2/22/14 - Josh Bond and crew from Puyallup, Sumner and Covington, did 4-hour mid-day Mack trip with Jeff. MOP Aces and Fat-Cat Cha Chas got the fish at the bottom of the Trench. They made Jeff laugh the entire trip, 6 guys out fishin' kind of humor... 2/22/14 - Allen, Teri, Peter and Thomas Charuhas (kids are 10 and 7) from Vancouver, BC, with their 4-hour morning Macks and Rainbows from today. As they were walking to the boat, Jeff hooked a 12" Rainbow, handed a kid the rod and said; "Hi, I'm Jeff, catch this fish!" Good start! Fat-Cat Cha Chas at the bottom of the Trench got the most bites... 2/23/14 - Chuck Rulebush from Arlington and Steve Kuhlman from Mount Vernon, fished 4-hour Macks with Jeff. Kingfisher Lite spoons got the fish today in the Trench. Fishin' in the snow... just another day at the office for Jeff...

2/18/14 - Several time-repeat customer Gordon Lueck from Olympia, brought his grandsons, Mikhail Bussey (11) and Marcus Bussey (13) to fish morning Macks with Jeff. Aces in the Trench at 190-230' got all the bites. Jeff got this daisy 20” Rainbow while cleaning-up the boat. (DANG! 5 minutes after customers left...) Kids can't wait to be on our Facebook, want to impress all the chicks at school! 2/20/14 - Kathleen Rodman from KOZI radio here in Chelan, brought her family out to fish morning Mackinaw with Jeff today. (Husband, Dale, kids Trenton and Mia, 9 and 7 got to come along). Slow start but we found 'em in the lower end of the Trench. MOP Aces got all the bites. Also got two, 12” Rainbows from the dock while we were cleaning fish...

2/14/14 - Repeat customer, Andrew Tisch from Puyallup and Troy Hopkins from Graham. MOP Aces and suiddys did fine in the Trench. Jeff Extended his up-lake troll through the Pot-holes a couple of times and picked-up some quality Macks. Pepe Hernandez from Blueberry Hills came down the dock to go fishin' as we were cleaning fish and got this daisy 22" Rainbow! Big show-off...
2/15/14 - Ross and Erik Laursen, Steve and Cameron (kids are both 10.) Four-hour Mack trip on Chelan. Wind made it tough but they did fine with Aces and squiddys in the Trench, 220-246'... Steve got this daisy 21" Rainbow while we were cleaning fish at the dock. Pretty sure the kids hooked on Mack fishin"!!!

1/22/14 Seth and Nate Glass and Erik Skagen, all from Burien, did a 4-hour Mack trip with Jeff fishing the trench.
They caught a couple of nice Rainbows off of the dock, too.

1/18/14 Andrew and Brooke (10) Buchholz of Bonney Lake, WA came out with Aidon & Chad Cook again to fish with Jeff. 1/19/14 Steve Magasis and Lina Yu from Seattle, did a windy, 4-hour morning trip with Jeff. 1/20/14 Ryan Wichman and Cameron Johnson of Coeur d Alene, ID with Karl Foose and Travis Kykendall of Woodinville, WA with their fish.

1/7/14 - Jeff took out friends Pepe, Gilbert and Marty to hunt for some “Bigs” on Chelan. He got a 12” Rainbow while waiting for them, then they fished the Colyer Ledge for about 2.5 hours. They got a nice 9.7# and a 6# and then fished the Trench for another 2.5 hours. Pepe caught his 21” Rainbow off the dock as they were getting the fish on the bar for photos. Nice half-day.

1/4/14: Culin McDonald, Aaron Burdette and Jason Frankhauser of Edmonds, WA with their morning's Mackinaw.

1/2/14 - Chad and Aiden Cook from Sherwood Or., Andrew and Brooke Buchholz from Bonney Lake, did 4-hour trip with Jeff. There were some major equipment issues due to the cold (heater, riggers, reels) but we all worked as a team and boy, did it pay off! Best Mack was 8.10#, 10 year-old Aiden got this 18" Rainbow from the dock just as we were trying to take pics of the Macks, great way to top-off the trip! Just another memorable day of fishing on Chelan!

-----AND THE FIRST FISH OF 2014-----

1/1/14 - Tim Garske and his son, Nate from Federal Way, did 4-hour Mack trip with Jeff. Wind blew the entire trip, first time Jeff saw the rubber net freeze closed in between every fish... Brutal conditions but fun! Jeff got 3 12" Rainbows from the dock while waiting for the Garske's that morning...

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