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-----AND THE LAST FISH OF 2013-----

12/28/13 – Jeff’s friend, Andy Byrd, went searching for bigs with him on Chelan. Dang, couldn't find 'em but they had a great time! Thanks for keeping him company, Andy! 12/31/13 – Jeff’s friend Pepe from Blueberry Hills and Marty Deggeller from Tonasket went out with Jeff for the last Lake Chelan fish of the year – a sweet group of Rainbow and Mackinaws. Great way to round out 2013!!

12/26/13 - Doug Whitney from Port Orchard and son Brian, did a few hours prospecting for big Macks on Chelan with Jeff. No bigs were caught but had a great time and caught a decent group of fish. Fished Colyer ledge and the Trench. Aces and squiddys were working. Second pic is Brian with his infamous "man-thong" up... (don't even ask.......)

12/23/13 - Jeff and his good friend Pepe from Blueberry Hills had gone down to the dock to prepare for Jeff's clients for the day. While prepping Jeff caught the nice 18" Rainbow and Pepe held it up for a photo op. Then Tom and Marlene Roberts from Snohomish fished 4-hours with Jeff. Tom has fished with Anton several times, and it was his first time with Jeff and Marlene's first time out on Chelan. Great bite in the Trench again! 15 macks in the box. Aces on the down-riggerss got everything, out-riggers got 1 fish... Marlene got this pretty 17" Rainbow while Jeff was getting fish on the bar for pics... What a fun morning!

12/19/13 - Jeff's nephew Nick Laughlin went out with him "prospecting" for big Macks. Nothing huge, but not too bad.

12/14/13 - Doug and Kirk Elsner did 4-hour morning mack trip with Jeff. Wow, what fun, lost a few and missed some bites... better than 5 fish an hour in the box, best Mack 10.9#. Bite was steady in the Trench, from the top, all the way down to blue-roof condos, Aces and Kingfisher-lites were on-fire. Got a nice 18" rainbow to-boot... (Check out that smile!)

11/29/13 - A windy and COLD day that never got above 33 degrees, but 3 year-old princess, Matlida, brought Mom and Dad (Matt and Karmin Huber from Kent) out to fish Chelan with Jeff for a few hours anyway. They got 5 rainbows and some nice Macks. Matilda was wonderful and amazing... It made it a memorable day for Jeff... (Check out that smile!)

11/13/13 - Jessie Klasing of Spokane with dad, Ed Klasing of Houston, TX with their morning's catch. 11/15/13 - Lucy Mills of Cashmere with a nice 20" Chelan 'Bow! Jared Lovell of Chelan with a nice Rainbow caught off the dock while cleaning the boat. Al and his son Arman from Chelan with their nice bunch of Chelan Macks and a few Rainbows thrown in for good measure.

11/6/13 - Judy Dai from Manson and John Strand did windy, 4-hour morning trip with Jeff. Fished the top of the Trench in 220-240'. Needlefish squiddys got the most attention. Had to work hard with the wind but we got some fish.

11/1/13 - Brian Duce and 13 year-old son Matt, from Marysville, along with Doug Harrison from Lovell, Wyoming. Squid-rigs all got bit but MOP Ace was probably best producer today. Most fish came at the top of the Trench in 210-246'. Fish wanted it slower today, most bites came at .8 to .9 mph rather than standard 1.3 mph. Matt is a heck-of-a deckhand! 11/2/13 - Bill Larson from Wenatchee and his son, Taylor from Seattle did rainy, 4-hour trip on Chelan. Fat-Cat Cha Cha and mop Ace got all the bites today at the top of the Trench in 190-246', got a few at the top of the bar trying for a big early. Fish wanted it slower again today, .8 to 1.0mph got all the bites. 11/3/13 - Stephanie and Neno Lakinski from Seattle did 4-hour morning Mack gig. MOP Aces and Fat-Cat squiddys got all the fish at the top of the Trench in 220-246'. It was their first time to Chelan and their first time fishing... ever...

10/25/13 - Brothers Randy and Ron Knopp from Moses Lake fished Chelan with Jeff. Squiddy rigs (Needlefish, Cha Chas and Fat-Cat Cha Chas) got all the bites today. They got most of the fish at the head of the Trench in 220-240' of water. Got a bonus 18" rainbow that bit Fat-Cat on the out-rigger before I could attach the weight. Count 'em up, there are 28 fish on them there bars... 10/27/13 – Second trip for the day - Duane Przybylski and his family fished 3-hour mid-day trip with Jeff. It was 9 year-old daughter Paradise’s birthday, what a cool present to get a couple Macks on Chelan... Yes, her name is really Paradise??? First trip of the day - Harley Kempter from Vancouver, WA, his brother Gene Kempter from Sacramento, CA and friend Tom Porter from Vancouver, WA fished a 4-hour morning trip with Jeff. First time the brothers have fished together in over 20 years. 7 double-headers and ended the day with a triple-header! They lost several fish on the doubles but Jeff couldn’t remember a time where he had 7 doubles on in 1 trip? We got the triple in the box to end the day, what a great finish! Squiddy rigs and mop ace-hi got the bites at the head of the trench in 190-246'...

10-12-13 - 2-week newlyweds, Bill and Jackie Stough from Spokane fished a 4-hour morning trip on Chelan with Jeff. They got all of their bites with needlefish squiddys and MOP.
It was a perfect fishing day, not a breath of wind and the water was like glass.

10/4/13 – World famous outdoor writer, Terry Rudnick, his wife Roberta and Darell Midles fished Chelan with Jeff. Beautiful sunshine, swapped many tall tales, got some fish... What a great day! Aces and fat-cat glow cha-chas did the best, fished fringes of the bar in 180-210'.... 10/5/13 - Jim Fry (Sea-Fair hydro fame) from Snohomish and friend Mark Olson from Everett did 4-hour morning Mack trip on Chelan with Jeff. Squiddy needlefish and fat-cat glow sqiddys got all the fish. Took awhile, tougher bite, but they found some fish at the head of the Trench in 195-240'... 10/6/13 – TRIP 1 - Dan Cooper from Seattle brought his sons, Evan (10) and Henry (7) out to catch some morning Macks with Jeff. When they posed the fish on the bar for pictures, 7 year-old Henry said: "Wow, Dad, we have caught salmon smaller than this, when can we come back here again?"... TRIP 2 - Jerry Cagle from Carmichael, CA and Steve Cagle from Tualatin, OR did Chelan trip with Jeff starting at the crack-of 1:30 PM. Jeff asked them: "Why in-the-world would you choose 1:30 PM as a start time!?". They said: "We are steelhead fisherman. We always get up at 4:00 AM, hustle down to the river, fish all day and never catch anything. Right now, we are on vacation. We have never fished Lake Chelan. We decided to sleep in late, have a big breakfast, watch some football, have lunch, watch the hydro races, THEN go out and catch nothing". HAHAHA, hilarious! Macks fat-cat cha-chas and suiddys caught everything today, both trips...

9/24/13 - Kevin Chappel and Craig Farley fished with Jeff Tuesday on the fringes of the Bar. They pounded depths of 180 to 210 feet at 1.2 mph within 5 feet of the bottom with squiddy's and ace's. What a great day on the water! 9/25/13 - Rob Wilbur and Perry Wisdom of Spanaway overcame windy conditions Wednesday to catch a nice pile of fish with Jeff. They could only troll in one direction and had to work hard to hit the spots on the fringes of the Bar. Although they don't look it, they assured Jeff this was their best smile... 9/27/13 – Mark & John Endresen went out for a "nice morning of fishing.” The weatherman lied. Hourly weather forecast for Chelan for Friday, 6am-11am... Chance of precip - 0%. Highest wind-gust, 4 mph at 10 AM. Actual weather was for 6-11 AM (Jeff was there!)- Raining from the get-go and the entire time, WINDY! 2 foot seas, white-caps blowin' up-lake, could only troll with the wind. Still got some fish..

9/20/13 - Wayne Worzella with Tom and Kara Klobucarar with their morning's fish. Jeff is guiding so real winning trips. 9/20/13 - Here is Ryan Baze, Jerry Cisar and Melton Granger of Wenatchee with Lucas Spurgeon of Chelan and their mornings catch. This is a Vietnam Vets group. Thank you for your service! 9/21/13 - Cynthia Denny of Seattle with a 10lb 4 oz "big"! She fished with Joe Dobyns of Renton.

9/11/13 - Loran Vahlsing and Jim Kenny, both from Bellevue, fished Chelan with Jeff. They pounded the fringes of the Bar and upper end of the Trench, “ the bite was on” for them!. Everything got bit, but Yakima Bait's U-20 purple-glo Flatfish, Mack's Cha-Cha squidder and Silver Horde's needlefish squid-rig took the most fish. We got a box-full! 9/13/13 - Our guide Jeff Witkowski took Owen and Pam Jackson from Mapleton, Oregon out on a 4-hour trip on Chelan. They caught all of their fish on bait-rigs. 9/14/13 - Eugene and Juliya Tovgaev of Auburn, along with daughters Eliza (11) and Sofia (7), fished Chelan with Jeff for about 3 hours starting at the crack-o-8 AM... Squid-rigs and ace-hi flies tipped with pike-minnow at the head of the trench did the trick... 11 year-old princess, Eliza with Rainbow that grabbed rig while I was setting it in rigger... 9/15/13 – Jeff took out Wolfgang Janas from Issaquah and his son-in-law, Adam Neff from East Wenatatchee. They fished Chelan for 4-hours that morning and got 3 double headers. Wolf and Adam are savvy fisherman so every fish hooked went in the box. Sqiddys and Ace-Hi flies tipped with pike-minnow smoked 'em today...

7/16/13 – JR Ruegg and Enrico Kovacev from Kent and Auburn were our evening fishers with our guide Jeff. Check out that nice 9 pounder in the middle. SWEET! 7/17/13 – Karl Jacobson and Tim Neely came out for a windy morning, but got their fish with our guide Jeff. 7/23/13 - Dylan Worrall (12) of Lucas, Texas with a 16lb 10oz early morning Laker. He fished with dad, John Worrall and Kjell Redal. 7/24/13 – Ron Sines and grandkids on an evening trip. 7/25/13 – The Henke gang. 7/27/13 – The Davers family with the mid-day special catch! 7/27/13 – The Steilen group with a nice group of fish. What a great way to spend the day. 7/27/13 – Holy cow, Batman!! The Marston gang caught a pretty nice group of fish!!! 7/29/13 - Three generations of the Papiez's on the 29th! 7/29/13 - Jeff Hammered them on the Bar with the Sweeney family on the 29th! 7/30/13 – Chad Ford with a beautiful morning string. 7/31/13 - The Taymon family with their fish from the morning of the 31st. Lt. Joe; Mom, Joane; and Rock Star, Holly (2)! 7/31/13 – Dave and Marlene Lewis with their early morning catch. 8/1/13 - Richard Owens with wife Barbara, daughter Samantha (13) and son Steven (10) of Bellingham with their middle of the day catch. 8/1/13 - Allison Schaflee with her 12.3 pound evening Laker and the rest of three generations of Schaflees! Check out the lunch the big one was having. 8/2/13 - Spencer Chriest came out with us again. He brought Hubert Dolan and Jordan Wolfer (15). Jeff showed them a good time on the Bar. 8/2/13 - Mark and Josh Jensen of Manson and Marysville. Josh's big fish was 13.6lb and the big fish of the morning.

Note: We missed last week's installment to attend the birth of our first great-grandchild. Introducing Allaura Skye West who made her entrance to the family on 7/23/13. Here is Sandy holding her, with me beaming.

7/12/13 - Gabe, Katy and Tucker (8) Rygaard of Port Angeles, WA with their mornings' catch. 7/13/13 - Doug “Big Fish” Burrows and Jack Meehan of Lake Tapps, WA with their morning Mackinaw.

6/28/13 - The Shock bachelor party of Badger Mountain with their catch. 6/29/13 – The MacDonald Men with a beautiful string of fish. 6/29/13 – The Peterson group with an impressive group of eating Lakers. 6/30/13 – Jack Salerno and his family with their morning's catch of Macks on Chelan. 6/30/13 – Todd Almond and his 6 year old son Jake with their morning's catch of Lakers. 6/30/13 – Timmy (7) and Mia (4) Gray with their mid-day catch of Lake Chelan Macks. They let their parents, Rick and Carolice come along, too. It really looks like Mia was having fun, don’t you think? 7/1/13 - Granddaughter McKinley Widman (11) on her first deckhanding trip with Dan and Nick (11) Pennington of Arlington, WA and their morning's catch. 7/2/13 – Samantha Grimes (12) and Abby Sellens (13) with their Lakers. They were fishing with Samantha's family, Jeff and Greg Grimes. 7/2/13 – Shannon and Clayton Gall with son Jack and daughter Maddy with their mid-day fish. 7/2/13 – Tim and Lee Perman with Cody Perman and Hayley King with their early morning's catch of Macks. 7/3/13 – Susan Huber brought son Mike (10) and daughter Lily (7) for some early morning Mack fishing.

6/21/13 - George Cabol of Renton with a 22lb 14oz Laker caught on Lake Chelan. George fished with his son Scott.
6/22/13 - The Haskell party of Mill Creek and other locations with their bachelor party catch.

6/12/13 - Mitchell Godred's grandson, Blaine (13), up from Texas with a nice Omak Lahotan. 6/13/13 - The Camozzi gang with their catch of Lake Chelan Macks and a landlocked Chinook. 6/17/13 - Jennifer Feldtz (17), of Chino Hills, CA with her Dad, Burt's 11 pound Lake Chelan Mack.

5/15/13 - Darrell & Dad's CFO, Sandra Jones with a nice Roses' Crappie. 5/28/13 - Father Cesar Vega of Yakima and
fishing partner, Leonard Rickey of Orcas Island with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

5/20/13 � John Ilyin from West Vancouver with the big fish of the day � a nice 10 pounder. John and his wife Katy with their full catch of fish. 5/20/13 � The Hix family down from Abbotsford with their morning's catch of fish. 5/20/13 � Deckhand Jaime and his catch of Lakers while he was running experiments. 5/21/13 - Dave and Barbara Mitchell came out and shared a great morning banging away at Colyar ledge for a nice pile of Lakers. 5/23/13 � Long-time friends, Ken Bowen from Lakewood, Co and Bill McMichael of Gig Harbor came out and fished with me (Dad) on one of those spring front days.

5/11/13 - Dave Tripp with Father-in-Law, Dick Thaden and son Josh Tripp of Arlington and Marysville, WA with their day's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 5/11/13 - David Plugrath of Leavenworth, Mark Pflugath of Wenatchee, Nik Pflugrath of Seattle and Chad Smith of Wenatchee with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and an elusive Landlocked Chinook. 5/11/13 � The �Fishing CPA�, Gary Gerhardt came out to run stinger experiments with me. It worked pretty good.

5/7/13 - Robert Hainline Jr.; with Robert Hainline III(11); Abigal Hainline (8) and Thelma Hainline with their morning's catch. Robert III with the big fish of the day. 5/8/13 - The Chelan Fresh gang with their pile of fish!

5/3/13 - Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service Guide Jeff Witkowski with a four pound Lake Chelan Chinook caught near Castle Creek. 5/3/13 - Domke Falls running pretty high with spring runoff. 5/5/13 - Shane and Gavin (6) MacDonald of Monroe, WA with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Kokanee. The biggest ones were a tad over 18 inches.

4/24/13 - Scott Wilson gang with their morning bag of Chelan Lakers. 4/26/13 - David Henry of Puyallup with an elusive Lake Chelan Landlocked Chinook Salmon. 4/27/13 - The Richard Kuhn party with their morning's catch of Chelan Lakers. And, we were blown out by some nasty wind.

4/16/13 - Jerry Bradley of Zillah, John Lopind of Yakima and John Riley of Ellensburg with their pile of Lake Chelan jumbo Kokanee. 4/20/13 Tom Nelson of Salmon University fame with son and grandson Mike and Mike Nelson of Ellensburg with their morning's catch of Kokanee and Mackinaw. 4/22/13 Ken Schultz and David Bryant of Poulsbo with their day's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and Kokanee.

4/5/13 - William and Lynne Douglas of Bellingham with granddaughter, Kaitlyn Harvey (13). 4/7/13 - Bobby Loomis of Wenatchee and Mack's Lures with Jeff Witkowski of Chelan and Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service with our Kokanee. 4/11/13 - Brian and Carrie Wright with son Joshua (10) of Redmond with their Roses Rainbows. This was Josh's first fishing trip and first fish.

3/26/13 The King gang with their nice combination of fish. 3/27/13 Jacob Hunter of Pickett, WI with his morning's catch of Kokanee. 3/29/13 Dan and Josh Pedersen of Snohomish with a nice group of Macks. 4/1/13 The Benson family, Eric, Kenai, Karissa (9) and Taya (5) of Linden, WA with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 4/2/13 Grand daughter, Amy Lafleur (17) of Wenatchee with a Roses Rainbow.

3/21/13 Phil Miller with the old man himself and their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and Kokanee. Phil actually was the engineering officer on the USS Enterprise. Beam me up Scotty! 3/24/13 Three generations of Varrelman women with their mid-day catch of Lake Chelan Kokanee. Grandma Janet of Pateros, daughter Tara Gokey and granddaughters Drew (16) and Dane (6) of Ellensburg.

3/15/13 Paul Peterson of Mossyrock and Jack Tipping of Onalaska with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 3/16/13 our guide, Jeff Witkowski with a nice brace of 17" Lake Chelan Kokanee. 3/18/13 “Blueberry Hill's Pepe”.

3/9/13 - The Koens gang from Enumclaw and Buckley with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.
3/10/13 - Brittany from the Firehouse Winery with her boss' fish.

2/25/13 Neil Green of Marysville with his nice Rufus Triploid. 2/26/13 Darrell & Dad's CFO, Sandy Jones of Manson with a 9 pound Lake Chelan Mack. 3/2/13 Jeff Anderson of Lake Stevens and Tony Fisher of Mill Creek with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

2/17/13 Brandon Coukos of Bonney Lake and Mark Rex of Ravensdale with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 2/23/13 Jacob Hanson (11) of Marysville with his morning catch of Chelan Lakers. He fished with his dad, Tad Hanson and Kristian Enge.

2/4/13 Phil Colyar with the new Washington State Record Lake Trout - 35 lb. 14 oz. - 44-1/2" long and 28" girth. This picture was snapped at the Mill Bay Boat Launch as he brought it in. Way to go Phil! 2/9/13 Justin Meniken with his posse, their fish and the rod and reel that they caught.

1/27/13 Kylin Parks and Tom Judson of Lynnwood with Wyman Bolts and Robin Price of Richland with their mornings' catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 1/27/13 Tucker Flowers (10) of Manson hauling a Roses Lake Rainbow through the ice. Photo by grandfather, Al Brooks of Manson.

1/19/13 Cindy and Sean Clark with Chuck Taylor all of Ravensdale, and Dave Kortendick of Snohomish with the majority of their days catch. 1/20/13 Al Brooks of Manson with our ten pound Puyallup Show fish he caught near the Yacht Club. 1/5/13 Granddaughters Chloe (10) and McKinley (11) with their Roses Rainbows.

-----AND THE FIRST FISH OF 2013-----

12-29-12 Jared and Trevor (9) Franson of Kelso; Ethan Hamil (15) and John Franson of Rigby, ID with their day's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

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