-----AND THE LAST FISH OF 2012-----

12-29-12 Jared and Trevor (9) Franson of Kelso; Ethan Hamil (15) and John Franson of Rigby, ID with their day's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

12-8-12 World-wide anglers, the Tinnesand's were nice enough to come out and fish with Jeff on a tough weather day. The weather outside was frightful, but inside the cabin the heat was delightful.... 12-6-12 - CFO, Sandy Jones and the old man (Anton) with a nice Dorado and smaller Rooster caught up near San Jose Del Cabo.

11-23-12 - Grandkids: Ryleigh (aka: Roza) (4); Conner (7); Johnny (8) of Wenatchee with Uncle Mike Wilson of Spangle with a bunch of Roses Rainbows. 11-24-12 - Chris Branch of Oroville, WA with a 12.5 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

10/28/12 - Austin Merwin (7.5 years old...) and P. Merwin (4) of Ferndale with their morning's fish. Tom Strain and their dad, Phil Merwin fished with them. 10/30/12 - Vic Doperalski of the Lake Washington Chapter of Puget Sound Anglers with a nice Omak Lake Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.

10-22-12: Debby and Dan Davies of Kaneohe, HI with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Lakers wondering where the Indian Summer went...

9/23/12 - Roxy counting the fish for the MacKinnon family of Camino Island.
10/8/12 - Mathew Antonio (15) of Chelan with a 7.3 pound Rufus Triploid Rainbow.

8/27/12 Another great evening trip with the Peterson family on Lake Chelan. 9/4/12 - Kathy Nylen of Bothell, WA with long-time friend Deborah Maxwell Buckner of Burke, VA with their evening's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 9/6/12 The Duke brothers with a nice group of fish, especially the center fish. 9/6/12 Kelly Alexander of Seattle and Jordan Torres of Yakima with their morning's catch. They are new fishing buddies. 9/7/12 - The old man himself with a nice Upper Stehekin Valley Cutthroat.

8/20/12: Steve Michaels and his kids Lauren (10) and Steve (12) and Rob Jeske and his kids Ashlyn (12) and Ayden (12) holding their mornings' catch. Steve with his 12lb, 10 oz Mack and Lauren with her 14lb, 7oz Mack. The Bowman clan with their evenings' catch. 8/21/12: John Maynard and CJ Williams with their pile of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.
We had a great early morning bite with 9 fish in the first hour.

8/13/12: Randy and Chase Plischke of Spokane with their mixed bag of Chinook and Sockeye. 8/16/12 � Dan and Isaac Olson with a sweet catch for the day. Nice smile. OK, so the fish was almost the size of the kid. I bet he becomes a fisherman for life. This a great bunch of fish for the Hurst gang, too. The Null family brought back a good sized group of fish. That one in the center is nice sized. The Sommers group with their fish from a morning trip. 8/17/12 - Will Reeves of Cedar Park, TX with a 19lb 3oz early morning Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 8/19/12 � The Reyes kids with their mornings' group of fish. The Steiners with their mornings' group of fish � check out that bad boy in the middle!! The Riseland kids with their mornings' catch of fish. The Zilberman family with their evenings' catch - the two in the middle are some nice sized fish. The Duncan crew with another mornings' catch of fish. The Fuentes with their mornings' catch of fish. Bryce Hoffman with his mid-day fish. His smile says it ALL. Good job, Jeff. The Ross and Woodward families of Connard, NH with their collection of evening caught Lakers.

8/5/12: Jack and Jordon Gray with their father Randy and a nice group of fish.

7/30/12: The Knights with their group and their Brewster Pool Sockeye. They won the CCA Auction for our Salmon trip. Jeff ran the trip and the infamous� I mean famous Bobby Loomis deckhanded for Jeff. 7/31/12: Greg and David Evans with their day's catch � the big ones were 10 and 11 pound Lakers. 8/1/12: Keith Carpenter with his dad Les and their limits of Brewster Pool Sockeye. It was Les's 94th Birthday! 8/1/12: Gavin and Parish Kerr with their dad Brian. 8/2/12: The Schuldt family with a nice group of fish. 8/5/12: Steve Durkee of Seattle with his 12lb 9oz Lake Chelan Mackinaw. He was fishing with buddy Arley Harrel of Seattle and Arley's dad, Paul, of Thorp, WA. 8/5/12: Deckhand Jaime Abarca of East Wenatchee with a nice 3 lb Lake Chelan Northern Pikeminnow.

7/26/12 � Dana Base of Colville with a 17.2 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. All from 7/28/12 � Greg Groesbeck with an elusive and beautiful Lake Chelan Chinook. He fished with Jeff and Diamantina Stanley and his son Chad Groesbeck. Another photo of Greg and his group. � Brent, Joshua and Alex Thiel with John Colton with their catch of Brewster Pool Sockeye. � The Davis brothers with a nice group of fish for a morning trip, including one with their �supervisor.� Finally � the Orr gang with their nice group of fish.

7/20/12 - The Gallos of Puyallup with their morning's catch of Brewster Pool Sockeye. 7/21/12 - Craig Adams of Pasco, WA with his 18 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. He fished with his wife Eva, Tony & Janmei Perez as well as Robert and Val Fisher. 7/23/12 - Cadin Touchette with his dad, Brett of Damascus, OR and his 17 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. They fished with the Cardwells, also of Damascus, OR. 7/24/12 � The whole Palmer clan with their evening's catch. And grandpa Lloyd Palmer with his 9# 10 oz fish. 7/24/12 � Jordan Dean with his cousin Karrissa Nelson and their Mid-Day Special pile of fish. They fished with Jordan�s dad, James. 7-24-12 � Jerry and Sherry Brouch with a great morning trip � perfect weather, with Sherry's big fish and a mess of smaller ones.

7/4/12: Dean Peterson of Chelan and Steve York of Decatur, GA with their Lake Chelan double. The big fish was 20.1 lb.
7/7/12: Lisa of Bellevue with a 24" Grimes' Lahontan!

06-25-12 � Brother-in-Laws Rafael Colon and Doyle Mears with a pair of monster Lakers - a 19lb 10oz and a 20lb 3 oz. They fished with Rafael's kids, Alex (6) and Nadia (7). They are from Portland. 06-26-12 - Isaac Bestebreur (9) of Prosser, WA with his 18lb 12oz Laker. He fished with his mom, Alison and his triplet siblings, Grace and Rebekah.

6/19/12 - Catherine Acerbi (6) with her 10.3 lb Lake Chelan Mackinaw. The whole gang with their mornings catch. Ray Dearie with Hayden Dearie (8); Colin Acerbi (8); Catherine Acerbi (6) and Coulter Dearie (6) all of Seattle. 6/24/12 � Ben with his 10.3 Mack. 6/24/12 � James and Trent Merrill with a nice group of fish. 6/24/12 � The True family celebrating an important birthday. 6/24/12 � A happy group of fisherman who went out with Jeff.

6/12/12 - Darin and Becky Finck of Moalla, OR with Jeff's and their limits of Lake Chelan Kokanee. 6/16/12 - Nicole Stern with her 18lb 13 oz evening Laker. She was fishing with Craig and kids, Kenna and David. They were up visiting from Avondale, AZ. I think this picture by our guide, Jeff Witkowski is one of the best that I've ever seen. Great job, Jeff! 6/16/12 � Christine Ta and Chandler Moy for a nice evening of Kokanee fishing. Again 6/16/12 � Sammy with a beautiful afternoon group of fish. 6/18/12 - Tyler Izatt (13) with his 14lb 8oz Lake Chelan Mackinaw. He was fishing with parents, Jay and Sheri. They are from Aberdeen, WA. 6/18/12 � Bo Scott and party with a nice group of Lakers and some Silvers. 6-18-12 � The Kotwis family out for a Father's Day trip.

6/8/12 � Ray & Laveta Lloyd out for their 63rd wedding anniversary celebration. Congratulations to them! 6/8/12 � Chris and Terry Fitzgerald of Alberta with their limit of Kokanee. It is a good time to take advantage of our Kokanee special. 6/9/12 - Mark and Barbara Santos-Johnson with Lynn Boes of the Lake Washington Puget Sound Anglers Chapter and Seattle with their 3 person limit of 30 Kokanee and a couple of bonus Lakers. 6/10/12 - Randy Davis of Schawana, WA with Jeff and his 2 person limit of Lake Chelan Rainbows. 6/10/12 - Our guide, Jeff Witkowski providing a windbreak for a young barn swallow while it rested from the hurricane west wind. After it took a break, it flew off to eat bugs. Finally, Jeff with a nice group caught off of the dock.

6-6-12 - Greg and Jo Prussia on a wet and breezy day. Nice group of fish!

5/29/12 - Gary Gerhardt and the old man's cooler of Lake Chelan Silvers. 6/2/12 - The Leingang brothers Colin and Chris with their wives Jodi and Betty with their haul of Lake Chelan Lakers. 6/3/12 - Rich Upson of Marysville, WA with a 24lb 9 oz Lake Chelan Mack! YEP, this is the biggest fish of the year for us. =-D 6/3/12 � Ed and Sharon Bleitz with the apple of their eye � Detric. This 10 # 3 oz Mackinaw is the BIGGEST fish Detric has ever caught and together they got a great group of Macks and Kokanee.

5/20/12 Bobby Loomis of Wenatchee and Mack's Lures with his Wife, Kimberly and Richy Harrod of Harrod's Outdoors with their limits of Chelan Kokanee. 5/21/12 - Joanne Spires of Portland caught the channel cat. It was 20 lbs. Our guide Jeff Witkowski's girlfriend, Lisa held it for the picture. (Sorry for the photo quality. It was a phone camera picture.) 5/25/12 - Adelaide (12) and Peyton Whitmire (12) of Puyallup with a pair of nice Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Adelaide's fish was as big as she was when she was born. They fished with parents Mark and Lisa Whitmire. 5/27/12 - John Myers of Grandview, WA with brother Marty Myers of Duvall, WA with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

5-20-12 - Some people get ALL of the luck. Here is Doug Burrows with the BIG fish of our season, so far - 23 pounds and 9 ounces.

5-20-12 - Here is another Doug with a good-sized Mack and the group he caught.

5-20-12 - Chrissy Riley brought Joe and Eli Murphy out to play whack a Mack.

5/16/12 - Gabriel Schlecht (9) of Duvall, WA with his beautiful mid-day 8.5 pound Lake Chelan Chinook. He was fishing with his brothers: Christian, Joshua, sister Hannah, dad Ryan and mom Holly. 5/18/12 our Steelhead net with 4 Omak Lake Cutts that were being readied for release as they were all brought to the boat simultaneously - all four were about 4 pounds! 5/19/12 - Doug Burrows of Lake Tapps, WA with a monster 23 pound 9 ounce Lake Chelan Mack. He was fishing with his boys, Kyle and Matt.

5/11/12 - James Cameron of Cary, NC with his catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.
5/12/12 - Another great three generation trip. Dave Tripp of Arlington, WA took father-in-law, Dick Thaden of Marysville and son Joshua Tripp of Pullman out for a glorious day of fishing on Lake Chelan.

5-6-12 - Phil and Theresa Rensberg with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and Lucinda Vey with her catch from Roses Lake.

5/2/12 - The Yuasa gang with some great fish from a morning trip.

4/30/12 - A couple of good friends with a nice group of fish.

4/27/12 - Mark Covey, Richmond VA, Aaron Covey, Poulsbo WA, and Greg Cover, Lynnwood WA with their nice mess of fish.

4/26/12 - Julie Gielezyk of Allyn, WA with a 9lb 6 oz Mack. 4/28/12 - Ian Saunsaucie of Whidbey Island with a 17lb 9oz Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Lonnie Island of Mack's Lures Pro Staff fame and Beaverton, OR with a nice 14" Lake Chelan Kokanee.

Sam Arnott, a budding fisherman of 12, went fishing with his dad John on Roses Lake.
They got a nice bunch of Trout, including a couple 15 inchers.

4/21/12 - Fishing Buddies - Steve Miller, Loon Lake, Rick Barresi, Post Falls, ID, Jeremy Murphy, Colbert and Justin Kimball, Airway Heights with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and a Rainbow Trout. While reeling in Rick's Rainbow, Steve pulled in this nice 9# Mack. Rick with that 3.5 lb. Lake Chelan Rainbow!

From the week of 4/16/12: Guide Brian Whitney with a 13" Brown Trout; Chuck and Gloria Mingoi - the big Mack was 8# 12oz; Anton (DAD) with a beautiful Brown Trout from Lake Antilon.

And even more from the week of 4/16/12: Mike Carey's partner Aaron (Cy) Borg with Roses Lake Rainbows and the Channel Cat; Mike Carey of WashingtonLakes.com with a Channel Cat from Roses Lake; Tim Lipka, Mike Hawley, Paul and Ted Anderson with Lakers from the lower basin of Lake Chelan.

4/9/12 - Alexander (9) and Jane (6) Raffetto of Bellevue with their morning's catch of Roses Rainbows. Their dad John took them out with us. 4/14/12 - David Carpenter with Ron & Chad Anderson all of Sedro Woolley, WA with their day's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

More from last week: 4/12/12 Ed Lane and his family; 4/12/12 Nick Lathrop, Kyle Strickland and Cade Fredrickson;
4/15/12 good fishing buddies; and 4/15/12 Pat Kelly and friends.

3/31/12 - Vic Doperalski and John of the Lake Washington Puget Sound Anglers with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 3/30/12 - John again with PSA contest leading rainbow from Rufus.

3-24-12: Bridget Siegel and Daniel Abel of Bonney Lake, WA with Ken Burrington and Kody Birch (8) of Roy with their day's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 3/26-12: John Hicks of Gig Harbor and Tom Buinger of Port Orchard with their day's catch of Chelan Lakers.

3/16/12 - Guide Jeff Witkowski with Brian Whitney of Manson with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.
3/16/12 - Jeff again with an 11 pound Mack.

3/10/12 - Fishing buddies: Jason DePardo, Bill Wolak and James Butts of Bellevue, Issaquah and
Seattle respectively with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

2/25/12 - Jeff Gale of Burien with his friends Ron and Carl and their day's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

2/14/12 - Josh Sayan and Craig Watts with a brace of 4 lb rainbows caught at the Mill Bay dock. 2/14/12 - The old man himself with a
9lb 4 oz Mack caught below the Narrows. 2/20/12 - Prato Barone of Mill Creek and Willie Kahn of Snohomish with their catch of lower basin Lake Chelan Mackinaw. A great day for a couple of educators to relax and learn a new fishery.

2/4/12 - Ice fishermen working over Roses Lake.
2/4/12 - Doug and Charlene Beamer with Terry and Catherine Werner, all of Post Falls with their Rufus fish.

1/10/12 - Ron & Don Duckworth from Poulsbo with Pastor Dan and their catch of Rufus Triploids. 1/14/12 - Our guide, Jeff Witkowski with a 14 lb. 4 oz Lake Chelan Laker. We took out Guide Emeritus, Andy Byrd for a few hours to catch the big one.
Come see it on ice at the Puyallup Sportsman's Show.


1/2/12 - Lisa Murray of Bellevue with a 13.1 pound Rufus Triploid caught on Pautzke's Fire Bait in Mallow Balls O' Fire. She was fishing with Guide Jeff Witkowski, Brian Whitney, the old man and Mike Diefenbach of Ellensburg. 12/31/11 - Doug McKay of Seattle with an 11 pound 5 oz Lake Chelan Mackinaw caught on a Mack's Lures Cha Cha Squidder. Go to the 2011 gallery to see the total catch. 12/29/11 - Mike Sprague of Oregon with his girls and their mornings catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

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