12/28/10 Fay Jones of Tallahassee, FL with her parties 2 big fish for the day. They were 15 and 17 pounds! She was fishing with Joseph Tayler also of Tallahassee and Tonya Garrett of Mapleton, IL. 12/30/10 John Hollinrake of Shoreline with a nice lower basin Chinook. He was fishing with Aden (11) and John III (11) also of Shoreline.

12-20-10 The Byrd women with their big fish of the day. Mom Char of Selah with her daughters Anita of Spokane, Nicole of the other Washington (D.C.) and daughter-in-law Rachael of Manson. The biggest of the bunch was 17 pounds. 12-22-10 The McCullough family of Issaquah with their day's catch. The big fish was 17 pounds and again with a beautiful Lake Chelan landlocked Chinook.

Pictured: 12/15/10 - The old man himself with a nice hatchery hen from "The Rocks" near Pateros. 12/17/10 - Tim Witter of Camano Island, WA and David Wilson of Everett, WA with a great pile of Lake Chelan Lakers. Rob and Kyle Phillips of Yakima, WA; Mark Stennes of Pateros and Andy Byrd of Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service and Manson with a nice pile of Rufus Reservoir Triploids.

Pictured: 12/8/10 - The Gebbers gang from Brewster with some of their keeper Steelhead. 12/10/10 - Mike Hodge of East Wenatchee with his "hero fish". The biggest keeper of the day caught on the last minute of the last drift of the day. Persistence pays!

Pictured: 12-1-10 - John Hedges of Wenatchee with a nice hatchery hen. 12-3-10 – Joe Comstock of Puyallup with his morning's catch of Lake Chelan Lakers. The two big fish were 13 and 11 pounds!

Okay, this time the web master is TOTALLY green with envy - if only I wasn't scared to drive in the winter (or spring, summer or fall.)
Take a look at this 23-pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw that Anton (Dad) caught. Sweet, huh???

Pictured: 11/26/10 Dad himself with a floy-tagged triploid, with grandsons, Chandler Widman (12) of Wenatchee, Tyler Wilson (17) of Cheney, WA, and Michael Wilson of Cheney. The biggest Steelheads were 9 pounds. A special thanks to the Stennes' family and Jerrod Riggan of Big River Steelhead for hosting us! John Mataka of Lynnwood and Ken McElmeel of Shoreline with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 11/20/10 Jordan Givens of Cashmere with a 7 lb. Cutt, caught on a Rushin Salmon Wobbler.

Pictured: 11/6/10 - Mike Carey of Redmond, WA and WashingtonLakes.com with a 6 pound Omak Lake Lahontan Cutthroat.
11-8-10 Bobby Loomis of Wenatchee, our very own Andy Byrd of Manson and Pat Saloky of Fairmont, WV
with our 4 guy limit of Rufus Triploids. The big fish was 7.5 pounds.

Pictured: 10-24-10 Gaylen Provost of Eugene, Or with son James Provost of Portland, Or with their days catch of Lake Chelan Lakers. 10-29-10 Ron Slabaugh of Wenatchee, WA with John and Isaac (10) Janney of East Wenatchee with their morning�s catch of Lakers. The big fish was a 10 pounder.

Pictured: 10-19-10 Gayle and Lois Dobish of Bellevue with their mornings catch of Lakers (with a nice Chinook in the mix.) 10-21-10 Joe Jansen of Walla Walla, with a 15 lb. 2 oz. Lake Chelan Mackinaw. He was fishing with partner Larry Busse of Spokane, WA. 10-21-10 Busse and Jansen with their catch of the day.

Pictured: 10-14-10 - Sandra Jones (aka: Darrell's Mom) of Manson with a nice brace of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.
10-16-10 - Gayle & Lois Dobish of Bellevue with their collection of Lakers from Lake Chelan.

Pictured: 9-24-10: the Bishop pair with a beautiful string of Macs; 9-28-10: Beautiful Steelhead caught on the Methow River; 9-29-10: Wes Gano of Yakima Washington with an amazing 30 pound King Salmon.

Pictured: 9/6/10 Zachary Blanford (7) with a near mythical Lake Chelan Chinook.

Pictured: 8/30/10 Robbie Borders of Baker City, Or with one of those elusive Lake Chelan Landlocked Chinook. She was fishing with her husband, Robert. 8/31/10 Amanda and Jessica Kelley of Woodinville with their morning�s catch of Mackinaw. Oh yeah, their husbands Chris and Johnathon came along as well as dad, Greg Hamilton.

Pictured: 8/23/10 Conner Fochesato (11) of Arlington, WA with a 12 pound early morning Laker. He was fishing with his Dad, Peter. Conner reported that it was the best fishing day he ever had! Way to go Andy! 8/26/10 Evie and Ed Martin of Grants Pass, OR with their morning�s catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Another beautiful day in paradise.

Pictured: 8/17/10 - The Guckenheimer gang from Kirkland with a nice mess of Chelan Lakers.
8/21/10 Jim Anderson of Kenmore, WA with a 24# Upper Columbia King.

Once again the webmaster missed uploading some photos. Sorry, guys. Pictured: 6/8/10 - Harlan Mayer and his brother-in-law with a nice bunch of Mackinaws. As Harlan put it, "These pictures bring back how much fun we had."

Pictured: 8/9/10 Bill Mitchell with his sons Joshua (10) and Matthew (8) of Estacada, OR with their pile of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 8/10/10 Albert Aboulafia of Owings Mills, MD with a 14.5 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. He was fishing with his daughters Arielle (14) and Alanna (12) and his sister.

8/5/10 Dave Mitchell of Everett with Dave Kronbach of Seattle and Jaime Abarca the deckhand for the day with their catch of Sockeye and a Chinook. 8/5/10 Dave Clifford of Idaho with a nice Omak Lahontan. He was fishing with his brother, Ron. 8/3/10 The Hefty gang of West Linn, OR with their pile of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Bob, sons Colton (13), Taylor (15) and John Gack

8/1/10 - The Slothower and Harrell families took a break from their family reunion to go fishing with Anton.
Molly Slothower (14) got the big fish - 8 pounds and 12 ounces.

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