Let's start off 2009 in a BIG way!! It is always nice to see a happy kid with a fish!

1-11-09: Josie Rodriguez (9) of Manson with a Roses Lake rainbow caught through the ice. 1-11-09: Angell Clark of Chelan with a 5 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 1-13-09 - Mark Stennes of Pateros with a Lake Chelan Landlocked Chinook salmon. And Mark and his brother Kevin Stennes of Pateros with their morning's catch.

Pictured: 1/23/09 Scott Sheffler of Bellevue with a 14 pound 4 ounce Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 1/24/09 Carol Shipe of Bothell with her 11 pound 10 ounce birthday Mackinaw. 1/24/09 A Lake Chelan Mountain Goat

Pictured: 1/30/-09 - Kyle Lints of Twisp with a 19 7/8 pound laker. 1/31/09 - Bob Joy of North Bend with a 19 pound Lake Chelan Mack. 1/31/09 Rich Elliott of Kirkland with a 6.5 Lake Chelan Chinook.

Pictured: Mike Burns and crew of Spokane as the Three Amigos with some of their Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 2-17-09 Jerry Hjelle of Tonasket.2-17-09 Greg Cloud of Olympia.

Pictured: 2-21-09 James Obert of Yakima with a beautiful 9 pound Lake Chelan Chinook. 2-22-09 - Dewayne Baughman with son Jacob (9) of Snohomish with a 13 and a 9 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 3-15-09 Larry and Kerry Lynch of Idaho with 15 of their 19 lake trout. 3-15-09 Diane Leigh, the 2009 Lake Chelan Sportsman's Association Fisherman's Dream Raffle winner sent her boys Andreus Collum of Lynnwood and Chris Collum of Chelan out on the Lake Trout trip. These are a couple of the big fish that they caught.

3-20-09 - Ken Shields with his whole family and their pile of Lake Chelan Lakers. He had 2 boats for a 4 hour trip. Quite a half day haul! 3-21-09 - Larry Gore of Olympia and Fred Neal of Lacey with their day's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 3-28-09 Mike Garland with his son Joe (16) of Colbert, WA and his friend Kurt Lindstrom of Yelm, WA with 15 of their 16 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Mike Garland with their 16th fish, a scarred 14.75 pound Mack caught right at the end of the day.

Pictured: 4-2-09 Dan and Sarah Pennington of Arlington, WA with Grandson, Nicholas (7) and their half day haul of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. They also caught and released one of those elusive Lake Chelan Landlocked Chinook Salmon. 4-4-09 Audra Wolf of Spokane Valley, WA with a nice 10lb Lake Chelan Mack. She was nice enough to bring along her husband John. They caught 11 more Mackinaw during their day on Chelan.

Pictured: 4-7-09 Henry and Donna Jennings with grandson Austin (9) of Missoula, MT with their mornings catch. Austin Jennings again of Kalispell, MT with an almost 9 lb, last minute Mack. 4-11-09: McKenzie and Chris Walsh of Seattle with Mike and Tyler (16) of Spangle with a nice bunch of Roses Rainbows.

Pictured: 4-18-09 James Blore of Port Angeles, WA with his 5.5 pound Lake Chelan Chinook. 4-18-09 David Tripp with daughter Emily (13) of Arlington, WA with their twin ten pound Lake Chelan landlocked Chinook. Emily's grandfather, Dick Thaden of Marysville took them fishing with us. 4-19-09 - Dale Rees of Fife, WAa with a nice bunch of Kokanee. He was fishing with guide Andy Byrd.

Pictured: 4/27/09 - Pete Beaumont of Quincy with Mike and Garrett Grubbs of East Wenatchee with their Mackinaw. 4/27/09 - The Fee's of Idaho and Western Washington with their pile of Kokanee.

Pictured: 4-29-09 - Matt Jackson Sr. of Chico, CA, Matt Jackson Jr. of Federal Way, WA and William Jones of New Jersey with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 5-2-09 - Tanner Hendricks (12); Asa Schwartz (13); Parker Nolen (13); and Hyatt Jonson (13) all of Chelan with their morning’s catch. It was part of Parker's birthday celebration. 5-2-09 - Phong Le with one of his two friends from Seattle with their afternoon’s catch of Roses Lake Panfish

Pictured: 5-8-09 - Ken & Bev Sedy of Arlington, WA with their grandson's Tyler Kokulak (12) and Wyatt Edgekoski (10) with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and Kokanee and 5-9-09 the grandkids again with their 2nd day’s catch of Lakers, Kokanee and a Burbot!

Pictured: 5-11-09 - The couple are Dave and Barb Mitchell who are regular customers of mine now. They were straining to hold up their fish. 5-12-09 - The Chinook was Paul Williams of Everett. The total shot is with his parents: Mark and Zeda Williams.

Pictured: 5-13-09 - The Havelka's nice bunch of Lake Chelan Macks.

Pictured: 5/12/09 The Williams clan with their catch of Lake Chelan Macks and a Chinook. Mark and Zeda Williams with son Paul holding his Lake Chelan Landlocked Chinook. They are all from Everett. 5-17-09 The Abel's with their mornings catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. This was one of those treasured 3 generation trips. Grandpa Dave Abel of Eugene, Or with his son Kevin and grandson's Scott (9) and Connor (7) all of Chelan.

Pictured: A couple of mid-week catches.

Pictured: Pictured: 5-23-09 Ron Angel and Darla Hulbert of Snohomish with their mornings catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 5-25-09 Pat and Brook Mitchell with sons Duncan (10) and Nick (7) of Bothell, WA with Grandpa Dave Mitchell of Everett with their stellar catch of morning Mackinaw.

Pictured: 5/29/09 - Jake Spiller (14) of Olympia with a 10 pound laker. He was fishing with his dad Ryan. 5/30/09 - Dennis Poulsen of Auburn, his twin boys Christian (9) & William (9) with friend Randy Succow of Bonney Lake and their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 6/1/09 The Herold gang: Out with Andy for a HALF DAY!

Pictured: 6-3-09 - Guide Andy Byrd with Don Knudson of Snohomish and Pat Bolster of Arlington with their 9.5 pound Chinook and 14 Mackinaw caught on Lake Chelan. 6-4-09 Keith Stennis of Pateros with a 6.25 pound Lahontan Cutthroat from Omak Lake. 6-7-09 Liz Sanderson of Mercer Island with an 11.25 pound Mack Bar Laker from Lake Chelan.

Pictured: 6-11-09 Bob Ball of Yakima with his 13 pound 3 ounce morning Mack. He was fishing with Ken Osborn of Naches, WA and John May of Prosser. Also Pictured: Mason Martinsons (5) of with his Dad's 14 pound 6 ounce last minute evening Mack. He was fishing with his Dad, Darek both of Graham, WA and his Papa, Mick Martinsons of Gig Harbor, WA.

Pictured: 6-18-09: Larry Morgan of Santa Maria, CA with a 10 pound 13 ounce Mack. 6-20-09: Will Ferguson (15) of Ferndale, WA with an 18.2 pound Mack. He was fishing with his Mother, Brother and Father.

Pictured: 6-22-09 Steve Peterson of Prosser with a 16 pound Mack Bar Laker. He was fishing with new fishing buddy Harry Loskill of Newport, WA. 6-24-09 Janine and Alain Balland with guide Andy Byrd and their mornings catch of Mackinaw.

Pictured: 6/30/09 Larry Schultz of Costa Mesa, Calif. with a 9.5 pound Lake Chelan Chinook. Brad Knopes, Clarkston, Wa., Marilyn Oltman,Tulsa, Ok., Stuart Stavig, Marysville, Wa.,Sophie Stavig, DeLaney Oltman and Larry Shultz at a Shultz family reunion. 7/4/09 Aaron Richmond of Seattle with an 18 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 7-7-09 Steve Loring with Daughter Stevie (11) of Vashon, WA with their morning’s catch. 7-8-09 Dominic Mareese (11) of Bellevue, WA with his morning’s catch. He was fishing with his dad, Tony Mareese. This is the 3rd Mareese boy to fish with us for his birthday with his dad.

Pictured: 7/15/09 Joe Maisterra (12 ) of Deer Park, WA with a 15lb 10oz. early morning Lake Chelan Laker. He was fishing with his grandfather and his dad. 7/18/09 Sam Jewett (6 1/2) of Sherwood, OR with an 11 lb 8 oz morning Yacht Club laker. He was fishing with his mom, Karin Jewett, his cousin Cole Hackett (11-1/2) and his aunt Kathleen Hacket.

Pictured: 7/25/09 Vicki Hopp of Puyallup, WA with a 15 lb. 12 oz. Yacht Club Laker. 7/26/09 John Martenson of Bellevue, WA with an 10 lb. 8 oz. Yacht Club Laker. He was fishing with Rod Sebold of Pullman, WA.

Pictured: 7/30/09 Randy Clark (14) with his 11 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. He was fishing with his brother John (12), friend Roma Chernych (13) of the Ukraine and his dad, Dale Clark. The Clark's are all from Marysville, WA. Also Pictured: Lydia Williams of Povell, TN with her 19.8 lb. early-morning Yacht Club Laker. She was fishing with her husband, Joseph

Pictured: 8-4-09 Erin Freise (16) of Mukilteo, WA with a nice 7 pound Lake Chelan landlocked Chinook. She was fishing with her Dad, Eric. 8-7-09 Hayden Craig (9) of Vancouver, BC with a 7.5 pound lower basin Laker. He was fishing with brother, Brenden (14) and Jeff Wilhoit.

Pictured: 8/12/09: Eric Nelson of Auburn, WA with a 6.5 pound Chinook caught on a purple glow Rushin' Salmon Wobbler. He was fishing with his son Ian. 8/13/09: The Holm Family of Darrington with their days catch of Lake Trout and a Chinook. Darrell and Melinda with their kids: Gage (16); Derek (14) and Andria (12.5).

Pictured: 8/20/09 Susan Smith with her son Connor (16) and their morning's catch of Mackinaw. They are from Area Code 253. Also Pictured: 8/22/09 Mike Dean of Seattle with a 10 pound Chelan Mack. He was fishing with friend William Zottneck of Albequerque, NM.

Pictured: 8/29/09 Jordan Weidner(9) of Bellevue with a 12.5 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. He was fishinng with his Dad, Charles Weidner whose hand and arm are pictured. (Webmaster's note: Is that one happy kid or not?) 8-29-09 Quang Burns of Portland, Oregon with a beautiful 13 pound Lake Chelan Chinook. He was fishing with his 10 year old son Quenton.

Pictured: 9/3/09 A double rainbow over Wapato Point on Lake Chelan as we changed from summer to fall. 9/6/09 - Mitch Ybarra and son Ryan (17) of Lacey, WA with their mornings' catch.

Pictured, 9-9-09: Moira O'Reilly (13) of Sherwood, Or. with a beautiful Lake Chelan landlocked Chinook. 9-11-09: Mike Wilson of Spangle, WA with an Upper Stehekin Valley cutthroat trout.

Pictured: 9/15/09: Steve George and Mark Nedro of Yakima with their catch of Lake Chelan Lakers. 9/19/09: Nathan of Reed's Marine in Manson with Charlie Brown of Bellevue, WA with their morning’s catch of Lakers.

Pictured: A beautiful sunrise on 9/24/09 that I got to share with the Tolson's. 9/22/09 Maron and Steve Burke of Georgetown, TX with their morning catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 9/24/09 Les and Trish Tolson of Matlock, WA with their mornings catch of Mackinaw from Lake Chelan.

Pictured: 9/28/09 Jazleen Letona of Wesley Chapel, Fl with an 8.4 pound Laker. Dale and Pierre Verger of Ashland, OR with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Lakers. Finally Pictued: Brad Soliday of Manson with a Methow River hatchery hen Steelhead caught on a glow bug fly

Pictured: 10-4-09 - Scott and Lisa Grayson of Burien, WA with their mornings catch of Lakers. 10-10-09 - Chandler Widman (10) of Wenatchee with an Evening Mack Bar double. 10-7-09 - Kevin Stennis of Pateros, WA releasing a nice native upper Columbia Steelhead

Pictured: 10-13-09 - Bill and Brad Haberman from Ellensburg, WA. Brad purchased a single raffle ticket for his dad Bill for a church raffle. Bill won, but since Brad had bought it, Bill 'shared' the trip with his son.

Pictured: 10-14-09 Terry Wright of Meridian, ID with a beautiful Lake Chelan landlocked Chinook. Then Terry and his fishing partner Brad Barnes with their total catch. 10-15-09 Both Mark and Kevin Stennes of Pateros, WA with magnificent Omak Lake Cutthroats. It was a great day on the water.

Pictured: 10-18-09 - Three Generations of Brewers: Elijah (13) of Wenatchee with Grandpa Terry of Soap Lake and Dad, Thad of Wenatchee with their catch of Lake Chelan Lakers. 10-23-09 Bruce Johnson of Kirkland with friend Scott Dorrance with their Lake Chelan Lakers.

Pictured: 10/27/09 Michelle Mark of Hunts Lake, OR and fishing buddy Lauri Reutimann of Mountlake Terrace, WA with their morning’s catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 11/1/09 - Me. It was just too beautiful an afternoon to do yardwork.

Anton (Dad) and the Stennes brothers as they fished the the North Central Washingyton Trifecta on Lake Chelan, Lake Omak and the Columbia River.

Pictured: 11-21-09 Chris Matson and Rudi Sutlovich of Seattle with a hard won limit of Rufus Woods triploid Rainbows. 11-23-09 Greg Gorgas with sons Matt (16); Jared (14) and Jack (9) from Encinitas, CA with most of their pile of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 11-27-09 - McKinley Widman (8) of Wenatchee with a 21" Omak Lake Lahontan Cutthroat. 11-27-09 - Keith Stennes of Pateros with a 10 pound Upper Columbia Steelhead. 11-28-09 - Colton Simonds (14) of Newcastle, WA with an 8 pound Rufus Triploid.

Okay, everyone. Let's see a good wrap-up for 2009! Pictured: 12-4-09 Keith Stennes of Pateros with another nice Upper Columbia Steelhead. 12-4-09 Fishing companion Sam Thomsen (12) of Winthrop with a Steelie to be proud of.

Pictured: 12-12-09 - Gary McGrew, Deane Peterson, and Nick Merner of Everett with Judy McGrew of Bothell and their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Stan Smoke of Wenatchee with another Upper Columbia metalhead.

Okay, remember a couple weeks ago when the web-master requested that we wrap up 2009 in a BIG way? Check these out. Pictured: 12-18-09: Keith Stennes of Pateros with a very nice Upper Columbia Steelhead. THAT is an awesome fish! 12-18-09 Keith again with his son Kevin, also of Pateros; Guide Jerrod Riggins of Brewster and Anton Jones of Manson with some more Upper Columbia Steelhead. This is the way to wrap-up 2009! Still need a gift for someone in your life? How about a gift certificate for a guided fishing trip? It will be more memorable than new socks....

And if you would like to look at previous years' photo galleries, click on one of the links below.


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