This is a beautiful way to begin 2008!!

Pictured: 1-6-08 - Zak Tayer, AJ Warr & Ron Johnson of Yakima
with a nice mess of Rufus Woods Triploids.

Rufus strikes again!

Pictured: 1-12-08 Scott Scheffler of Bellevue with a nice bar of Rufus
Triploids for the boatload of 3 anglers.

Oh, BABY - can winter bring in the big'uns!

Pictured: 1-20-08 Rachael Potter of Spokane with a 14 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw caught near the bottom in 380' of water. She was guided by Andy Byrd of Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service.

And if you thought last week's looked big...

Pictured: 2-1-08 Mike Byrd of Selah, WA with a 15.7 pound deepwater Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

BIGGGG sighhhhh...

Let me tell you, this web-manager is green with envy. All I can catch is some fool
driving over some of the landscaping in my yard!

2-4-08 Michael Blackburn and Trudy Jetton of Centralia, WA with some nice lower basin Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 2-3-08 Andy Byrd with an 11 pound deepwater Laker

Pictured: 2-16-08 Tatro Paul Somero of Pasco, WA with his gang and their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 2-12-08 three pictures from the Mill Bay dock on Lake Chelan of an eagle catching a coot. 2-17-08 a deer swimming in Lake Chelan between the Narrows and Fields Point.

Pictured: 2-23-08 Jeanette Byrd of Spokane with a beautiful deepwater 19 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 2-18-08 Zak Tayer of Yakima with a lovely 8 pound Rufus triploided rainbow. (Okay. Has anyone but me noticed the name "BYRD" in here a LOT recently?? I think they are just trying to make me jealous. - Webmaster...)

Pictured: 2-26-08 - George and Andy Kelley of Western Washington with 30 years of combined enlisted Army Infantry service behind them as well as their 10 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also pictured: Pictures of the Lange crew from Wenatchee. Joe (Dad), Kris (11) and Walt (Gramps). The big fish was 10 lbs 13 oz and was caught by 11 year old Kris Lange of Wenatchee.

Pictured: 3-5-08 Andy Byrd of Chelan with a 16 pound 8 ounce Laker caught on a flatfish above the Narrows on Lake Chelan. Also pictured: 3-8-07 Joe McCann of Seattle with a 10 pound 10 ounce Rufus triploid Rainbow.

Pictured: 3-17-08 Corey Recla of Normandy Park with a 19.5 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw caught on a Green Mackeral Rushin' Wobbler spoon.

Earlier in the week, Greg Zervais of Hillhouse Bed & Breakfast caught a nice group of fish including a little, bitty one of 18 pounds.

Pictured: 3-30-08: Dean and son Matt Chase of Whidbey Island with a 3 person limit of Rufus Triploids. They were fishing with Joe Heinlen of Darrell & Dad's. Matt Chase with the big fish of the day, a 7.5 pound triploid.

Pictured: 4-5-08 McKenzie Brongil, of Seattle, with her fiancee, Chris Walsh's 10 lb 13 oz Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 4-6-08 Eli Jenkins (11) of Chelan with a nice Rufus Triploid.

Pictured: 4-11-08 - Robert Hodgman of Lacey with Guide Andy Byrd of Manson with the 2 monster Lake Chelan Mackinaw that Mr. Hodgman caught. They were 17 and 20 pounds. 4-14-08 - Bruce Aitken of Longview, WA with Jeff and Nick Eldredge of Toledo, WA with 10 of their 11 Lake Chelan lower basin Mackinaw.

Pictured: 4/17/08 - Tom Daley of Los Angeles, CA with a 7lb 10 oz Rufus Triploid. 4/19/08 - Herb Dollar of Rathdrum, ID with a 23 lb 10 oz Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 4-26-08 Scott and Jackie Johnston of Kennewick with a 10.5 pound laker caught off of Mack Bar.

INTRODUCING - The newest member of our fleet! This is a 21' North River Seahawk with
fishing guide Andy Byrd. This boat is powered by a Yamaha 150hp, 4-stroke engine with an
8-horse Yamaha kicker and Minnkota bowmount - both with auto pilot.

5-2-08 Arny Forner of Manson and friend Edgar Schroeder of Renton with their nice half day bag of Mackinaw and Kokanee. 5-4-08 Ray Kalinski of Snoqualimie with a 5lb 4 oz Rufus Rainbow.

Pictured: 5-10-08 - Gary and Austin (13)Mathews of Moxee, WA with their mixed bag catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw, Kokanee and a Chinook. 5-12-08 - Duane Fink of Moses Lake with a 9 pound, 1 ounce Lake Chelan landlocked Chinook salmon.

5-17-08 - Keiko and Gordy Nungesser of Seattle with 5 of their 6 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 5-18-08 - Dr. Robert Bettis of Chelan with a 10.5 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 5-20-08 - Jim and Sebastian Miller (7) of Seattle with a pile of Roses Lake rainbows. 5-22-08 - Anten Kraemer of Philadelpia, PA; Kenneth Kraemer of Wilmette, IL and Phil Kraemer of Sammamish, WA with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 5-25-08 - Jonathon Roth (19) of Seattle with 12 pound 15 oz Evening Mack.

Pictured: 5-30-08 - Dick and Helen Rogers of El Dorado Hills, CA with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 5-31-08 - Ryan Spiller and son of Olympia with their Roses Lake limits. 5-31-08 Matt Turner with son Zach (10) and friend Trevor (9) of Marysville, WA with their evening trip Mackinaw

Pictured: 6-2-08 Jeff and Carlena Forsha with kids: Josh (14) & Kaitlyn (13) all of Phoenix, AZ. 6-5-08 Mike Mehren of Hermiston, OR with his clan: Leanna & Mike Miller as well as Evie and Shawn Henrichs all of Pasco, WA.

Pictured: 6/10/08: Carolyn Tobey of Manson with a monster 18.75 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 6/11/08: John (brings the wind) Woffington of Mars, PA with a nice bunch of Roses Lake rainbows.

6-16-08 Tony Balay of Cypress, Texas with son Mathew (4) and a 15.5 pound Mack Bar Mackinaw. 6-20-08 Mark Perkins of Anacortes, Matt Charlton and Don Vanderholm of Manson with their mornings catch of Lakers. 6-21-08 Larry Mandella with sons Jacob (11) and Chris (9) with deckhand Dominic Romiti.

6-27-08 The first picture is of the Frenier family members catch from Lake Chelan with guides Joe Heinlen and Anton Jones. The second is part of the Frenier family children with part of their catch of rainbows from Roses Lake while out with Andy Byrd.

7-5-08 Winston and daughter Blair (11) Crutchley of Yakima with 10 and 8.5 pound Lakers. 7-6-08 Julie Fulton with daughter Katie (11) of Laguna Niguel, CA with a couple of lower basin Macks.

Pictured: 7-15-08 Tom Hanisco of Medford, MA; John Little of Stockton, CA, John and Cooper (9) Hanisco of Graham, WA with an awesome catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 7-14-08 Tyler Wilson (15) of Spangle with a 130 pound Galapagos Shark caught off of Waikiki Beach. He is the eldest grandson of Darrell & Dad's owners, Anton & Sandra Jones

Pictured: 7-24-08: Mark Cleveland of Redmond, WA with a nice mornings catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 8/3/08 - James Smith (13) of Seattle with a 10 pound Lake Chelan Laker. 8/1/08 - Brothers Paul and Curt Killian originally of Manson with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 8/4/08 - Alexander Aldave (11) from Germany, Hannover, visiting his uncle & aunt, Denis & Irmi Atam, both Manson residents, during his summer vacation. After several failed fishing attempts in the surrounding lakes & streams of Chelan, the aunt decided to sign Alexander up for a professional fishing trip and see the result it really paid off! The big one is 13 pounds and the 'small' one is 11.75 pounds!!

8/5/08 - Clyde Snodgrass with a 20 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw caught at dusk, just like the 20 pounder he caught on last year's trip. 8/7/08 - Anton and Sandra Jones of Manson with grandsons: Tyler Wilson (15) of Spangle, WA and Chandler Widman (9) of Wenatchee with some Lake Wenatchee Sockeye. 8/9/08 - Bob Coronado, Cristian Mendoza (14) and Manuel Coronado of Lake Stevens with friend Oscar Delora of Yakima with their haul of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 8/9/08 - Jennifer Byrd of Spokane with another evening monster. A 19.5 pound Mack caught near the Yacht Club

Pictured: 8/17/08 - Patricia Goldbach (9) of Spokane with a 9 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 8/14/08 - George and Kimberly Weiland of Chehalis, WA with their catch of lower basin Lakers.8/7/08 - Chandler Parker Widman (9) of Wenatchee with a 5.5 pound Lake Wenatchee Sockeye. This was the big fish of the day for the Darrell & Dad's team. Chandler is the heir apparent to the Guide Service. He has the bug!

Pictured: 8/21/08 Bob Terreberry and daughter Tova of Everett with niece Tracy Rudhe of Denver with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 8/22/08 - Leo Gabalis with daughter Rose (5) and son Victor (6 1/2) of Duvall with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 8-29-08 - Sam Arnott (8) of Mill Creek, Wa with a 3.2 pound Lake Chelan Landlocked Chinook. 8-31-08 - Kim Samac of Redmond, WA with an 8 lb 4 oz Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 9/2/08 - Gary Newsome, Dakota Neumann (9) and Paul Neuman of Monroe, WA; Mike Kennedy of Woodinville, WA; Jason Bembers of Sultan, WA with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 9-11-08 - Lauren Soliday (5) of Manson with one of the recently planted rainbows just out of Mill Bay. 9-14-08 The Tucker gang with their mornings catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 9-13-08: Terri Linderman of Pullman with some morning Macks.

Pictured: 9-20-08 - The Morehead Clan, Ellis of University Place, WA; Dean of Manson, WA; Steve of Ritzville; and Grant Hylteen with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and a Landlocked Chinook. 9-21-08 - Greg and Steven (5) Osborne with Steve Kuhnly all of Snohomish, WA with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 9-21-08 - Stevie Osborne (5) again with a 5.25 pound Lake Chelan Mack. What a happy boy!

Pictured: 9-28-08 - Sam and Kathy Myers with Chuck and Susie Hondros with their catch of Lake Chelan Lakers and Chinook. Deckhand Chandler Parker Widman (9) is in the back. 9-28-08 - Dave Garoutte of Everett with a typical Rufus Rainbow. 9-23-08 - Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Valenter of Oregon with their mess of Roses Lake Bluegill.

Pictured: 10-2-08 Bob Schmidt of Mack's Lures with Bobby Loomis of the infamous Loomis family with their mixed bag of Lake Chelan Chinook, Lake Trout and Burbot. Bobby Loomis again with Burbot caught on a Mack's Lures Bucko. A lovely little Lake Chelan Landlocked Chinook Salmon

Pictured: 10-7-08 Paul Giles of Anacortes with a nice quality Rufus Triploid Rainbow. 10-11-08 The Chen's of Vancouver, BC with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. They are Michael, Patrick, Peter, Jasper (10) and Justin (8).

Pictured: 10-15-08 Bob Parks and Phil Keegan of Kansas City, MO with their Rufus Triploid limits. 10-18-08 Kolton (9)and Jay Patrick of Wenatchee with John Demakas of Spokane with their mornings catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 10-20-08 - Father and Son Merrill from Michigan with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 10-26-08 - Craig Deitz of Spokane with sons Caleb (18) and Elisha (14) with some of their Rufus Woods Rainbows.

Pictured: 10-29-08 - Dad himself (Anton Jones) with a Rufus Rainbow caught by the photographer, Al Brooks of Manson.

Pictured: 11-8-08 - Ashley Brauch (9) of Everett with a 5.5 pound Rufus Triploid Rainbow. 11-9-08 Tom Galbadrakh of Seattle (originally from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) with a Lake Chelan "dinner for 2" sized Mackinaw. 11-3-08 Mike Carey and Aaron "Cy" Borg of Washingtonlakes.com with a four person limit of Rufus Triploid.

Pictured: 11-16-08 Scott Scheffler of Bellevue with a nice Rufus Triploid. 11-11-08 Cathy Kay of Burien with an 8 pound Lake Chelan Landlocked Chinook Salmon. 11-16-08 The Betcher clan of the Okanogan Valley with their morning catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 11-22-08 - Team Ballard - John Q. Smith, James Johnston, Ryan McVay and Charlie Lee with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and on 11-23-08 with their catch of Rufus Rainbows

Pictured: John and Alexander (5) Raffetto with their morning's catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 12-7-08 Juliet Martin of Seattle with a beautiful Lake Chelan landlocked Chinook Salmon and the entire Martin Clan (Robert, Juliet, Alanna and Erick) with their days catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and Chinook.

Pictured: Big fish of the year, 4-19-08 - Herb Dollar of Rathdrum, ID with a 23lb 10oz Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Best stringer of the year, 6-27-08 - The Frenier family with their 30 or so Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured 12-28-08 Dave Garoutte and Harold Baker of Everett with 6 of their 8 Mackinaws.

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