A GREAT way to begin 2007!!

Pictured: 1-6-07: Guide Joe Heinlen with a hefty 10 pound
Rufus Woods Reservoir Triploid Rainbow Trout

Pictured: 1-13-07 - Glenn Hollenberg of Kennewick with a 15 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also Pictured: Glenn again with his partner Dale Fish also of Kennewick with 10 of their 11 lakers on 1-13-07

Pictured: Rich Merrill of Puyallup with Bob Fuldner of Woodinville with 8 of their 9 Lake Chelan lower basin lakers

Pictured: 2-3-07 Stacie Plata of Kennewick with a 9-pound lower basin lake trout and Frank and Stacie Plata with Dan and Heidi Washam, all of Kennewick, with the catch of Lake Chelan lower basin Mackinaw. Also, not all the anglers are human on Lake Chelan. The Lake Chelan Boat Club pilings were the perch for these guys.

Pictured: 2-6-07 - Ron and Don Duckworth with Dan Wymer of Bainbridge Island, WA and Deckhand Andy Byrd with 19 of their 20 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also Pictured: 2-6-07 - Bob Robinson of Mattawa, WA and Michael Seigler of Snohomish, WA with 13 of their 17 Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 2-18-07 Tauna Shoemaker of Lynnwood with a lower basin "eating sized" laker. Also Pictured: 2-17-07 - Bill Saunders of Sammamish and Tracy Anderson of Brier, WA with a lower basin Mack.

Pictured: Brian Harden of Lake Tapps, WA and son Aaron with 13 Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 3-3-07 Stormy Tuffield of Fircrest, WA with Matias Moore of Port Orchard
with a four man limit of typical Rufus Triploids.

Pictured: 3-6-07: The Mondragon family of Dallas, TX with 4 of their 5 lakers. Their son Andres Mondragon (14) with an 8.5 pound fish.

and drum roll please.......

3-8-07 - Tom Augustine with a 30 pound 15 ounce laker. He was guided by Joe Heinlen. The fish was caught on a T-4 purple glow flatfish near the bottom in 340' of water. It is possibly the 4th largest fish to ever come out of Lake Chelan.

Pictured: 3-9-07: Eric Foss has a 20# fish here. His partner Harley has a 13. They have 14 fish here including a couple of 10's, a couple of 9's, and a couple of 8's. What a day! All in depths of 320' to 390'.

Pictured: 3-11-07 Anton Jones, Dad himself, with a 23 pound, 40" Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 3-13-07 Mike Carey and Aaron Borg with a couple of 4 pound Chelan Lakers and on 3-19-07 - Donn Vey and Jon Wagar of Manson, WA with limits of Roses Lake rainbows. .

Pictured: 3-21-07 - Kenneth Shields Sr. of Kennewick with a 21lb laker + 16lb. 9 oz....ended the day with 13. 3-22-07 - Dan Snyder of Seattle, WA. 3-24-07 - Lore Brackensick of Richland, WA with her 25.5 pound laker and her next fish of 20.1 pounds. Her husband Dave and she were guided by Joe Heinlen. And finally, 3-24-07 - Lore, again, with the 25.5 pound Laker. Check out the girth on this fish. What a morning!

3-26-07 - Roger Taylor with a 16 Pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 3-31-07 - Gary and Judy Wentling of Spokane with 7 of their 8 Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

4-3-07 - Sean Duvall (13) of Stanford, Ca with an 11 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw.
4-4-07 - Tom Wilkin of Port Orchard, WA with a 10 pounder.

4-13-07 - Sammi Hall (9) of Olympia with a 10 pound laker.
Also, Marlowe Jorgenson of Weippe, Id with an 18 pound Laker.

Tyler Carter (11) of Richland, WA with a 13.5 pound laker. Tyler again with his dad Brian Carter of Richland and Grandpa Larry Brady of Chelan with their 11 lakers.

More fish from the week of 4/16-4/23....

4-25-07 - Monte Hofstrand of Ellensburg and Harry Siepmann of CleElum. The 2 big fish were 2/3's of a triple they got. The 2 big fish were 18 and 12 pounds.

Rick Williams with son Devin (13), both of Seattle with a double.

5-6-07: John Mataka of the Seattle Pogie Club with a 14 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw & 5-2-07 Guide Andy Byrd of Manson with a nice limit of Wapato Lake Rainbows.

5-13-07 - Tim Hermiston and Judy Morrison of Kennewick with a 14 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 5-12-07 - Andy Byrd of Manson with a 3.3 pound Lake Chelan smallmouth bass. 5-10-07 - Anton Jones of Manson with a 17" Roses Lake Brown Trout.

Pictured: 5-16-07: Andy Byrd of Selah with a 12 pound Mack Bar Laker. 5-20-07: Scott Payfer of Poulsbo with another 12 pound Mack Bar Laker

Pictured: 5-24-07 - David Church of Lompoc, CA and Matthew Church of Chelan
with 4 fish between 9 and 13 pounds! 5-25-07 Rick Brandt of Snohomish with his kids, Cole (9) and Abbey (7) with their mixed bag half day catch of kokanee and Mackinaw.

Pictured: 6-2-07 - Lori Woodward of Bremerton w/ a 14 Pound laker off of Mack Bar.
5-31-07 - Mike Bradley of Seattle w/ another 14 Pound Laker from Mack Bar.
5-30-07 - David Bellerson of Chandler, AZ w/ yet another 14 Pound Laker from Mack Bar.
The Woodward family, Steve and Lori and their kids Ryan and Haley, are ready for another trip next year. I wonder why??


Pictured: 6-8-07 Dayton Skrivseth family from Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Pictured: 6-15-07 - Shawn Fitzpatrick with fish partner and daughter Sarah of Cashmere, WA. 6-16-07 - Dan Stobbe of Knutsford, BC with a 16.5 pound Yacht Club area Lake Chelan Mack.

Pictured: 6-20-07 Alexander Rafetto (4) of Bellevue with an eating size laker. Not the biggest fish, but it was the biggest smile. 6-21-07 Ellie Nevers of Carmel, Maine with a 13 pound Yacht Club Mack.

Pictured: 6-25-07 Dave and Barb Mitchell of Everett.

Pictured: 6-19-07 Alexander Raffeto (4) of Bellevue with a 3 person limit of Roses Lake Rainbows. 7-1-07 Anita Byrd of Cheney with a 9 pound Lake Chelan Mack.

Pictured: 7-2-07 - Alfonso Santangelo (9) of Las Vegas, NV with an 11 pound laker.
7-6-07 - Chandler (8) and McKinley (5) Widman of Wenatchee with a couple of
Roses Lake Rainbows.

Pictured: 7-15-07 - Frank Gallo of Issaquah with two big Yacht Club area Macks - 12 and 13.5 pounds. Also, with their other Macks. He was fishing with Alex (15) and Brent (16).

Pictured: 7-21-07 - Jarrod Gaspar with a 15.6 pound Mack bar Lake Trout. 7-20-07 - Aimee Joiner (7) of Yakima, Paige Reid (9) and Ali Olson (10) of Bothell with 3 quality lakers.

Pictured: 7-24-07 Darlene Bennett of Poulsbow with a nice 'teens' Mack. 7-26-07 Henry Hazenberg of Kennewick with grandson Mathew Mahoney of Richland.

Pictured: Cody Handel of Bakersfield, CA with a 17 pound Mackinaw. Three generations of Parkers with 4 nice quality Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Birthday boy Eric of Palouse, WA with Dad, Lee of Manson and sons William (14) and Joseph (12). Big fish was 10 pounds .

Pictured: 8-6-07 Clyde Snodgrass with a 20 pound 13 ounce late evening Mack Bar Mackinaw. 8-8-07 Guide Andy Byrd with an 11 pound Roses Lake Channel Cat.

Pictured: Willy Barcelona (12) of Federal Way with a nice 8 pounder. Kurt Gilbertson of Redmond with a 10 pounder. A burbot caught trolling on a T-4 Purple Glow flatfish.

Pictured: 8-25-07 - Jeremie Cook (14) with his 12 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. His fishing buddy, Kienan O'Brien (11) is also pictured. 8-22-07 Bert Shilling with 5 of his 6 Minneapolis Beach eating sized Lakers.

Pictured: 8-30-07 Thatcher Matheson, of Kirkland, Charles Core of Kirkland and Glenn Dicky of Schuenkinville, PA.

Pictured: 9-9-07 Matt Jackson of Chico, CA with a 13.2 pound Mack Bar Mack. 9-7-07 Anton Jones (aka: Dad) with a nice wild rainbow from the upper Stehekin Valley.

Pictured: 9-12-07 Joe Heinlen holding a spawning Lake Chelan Kokanee. 9-10-07: Long-time friends, Chuck James of Central Point, Oregon and Bill Kellis of Tacoma, Wa. with their 5 morning lakers.

Pictured: 9-19-07 Dave Scott and Tim McDonald of Pingrey Ford in Selah with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 9-22-07 Carl LaBreche of Surry, BC with an 11# State Park Mack.

Pictured 9/26/07: Paul and Linda Bancroft of Dothan, Alabama with 11 of their 12 Lake Trout

Pictured: Ray Wicks of Aberdeen, WA and Bob Allison of Seattle with couple of chunky Rufus Triploids.

Pictured: 10-13-07 - McKenna Estep (9) of Snoqualimie, WA with a hard fighting 13.1 pound State Park area Laker. 10-12-07 Joe and Pat Buttitta of Seattle with Jim and Esther Campbell of Hamilton, MT holding their morning's catch of lower basin lakers.

Pictured: 10-17-07 - Bob Brenner and son Aaron of Maple Valley, WA with Bob's bother Chuck Padgett of Indianapolis, IN with their 6 eater sized Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 10-18-07 Michael Field of Hobart, IN with an 8.5 pound Laker.

Pictured: 10-27-07 Dan and Kristin Ellingwood with daughter Ariel (14) all of Goldendale, WA. 10-28-07 Neil (10) and Drew (12) Carleton of Manson with Zach Phelps (9) also of Manson with their morning's catch.

Pictured: 10-31-07 Joe and Betty Budnick of Manson with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 11-3-07 Dan Campbell of Chelan with a nice lower basin Mack.

Pictured: 11-6-07 Karol Mitchell of Delta, BC with a 14.75 pound Lake Chelan laker. 11-10-07 - Sammy & Katherine Myers of Port Orchard, WA with Chuck and Susan Hondros of Gig Harbor, WA with their 13 lower basin lakers. 11-11-07 - Bob Lamato of Kenmore, WA with a nice representative 5.5 pound Rufus Woods Reservoir triploid Rainbow trout.

Pictured: 11-17-07 Matt Turner of Marysville, WA with visiting brother Andrew Turner of Little Falls, NY. 11-17-07 Max Avritt, Mark Stevens and Jake Stevens (9) of Duvall with a four person limit of 4 and 5 pound Rufus Woods triploids. 11-18-07 Pat Rooney of Wapato Point in Manson with 6 of his 7 Lake Chelan lower basin Mackinaw.

Pictured: 11-23-07 Chandler Widman (9) of Wenatchee, Tyler Wilson of Spangle, WA, Amanuel Kidane (17) of Oslo, Norway with a 6 person limit of Rufus Woods Reservoir Triploid Rainbows. 11-24-07 - Arthur Perales of Pasco, WA and Sandi Hamill of Yakima, WA.

Pictured: 11-30-07 Al Brooks of Manson with a nice 3.5 pound Rufus Triploid in the snow. Anton Jones of Manson with a 3.75 pound Rufus Triploid.

Comin' into the home stretch and they are still comin' in. Pictured: 12-5-07 - Donn Vey of Manson with a couple of Rufus Rainbows. Greg Gritchin of Castlegar, BC (eh?) with nice bunch of Lower Basin Lake Chelan Mackinaw

Pictured: 12-10-07 William and Jesse Wilson of Corbett, Oregon with their Lake Chelan lower basin Mackinaw. 12-12-07 Mike Diefenbach of Ellensburg, WA with a nice Rufus Spokane strain 'bow.

And to wrap up 2007 - Pictured: Tom and Chris (15) Strain of Bellevue with their half day haul of Lake Chelan Mackinaw caught on December 31, 2007!!

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