What a way to wrap-up 2005!!

Pictured: 12-29-05 - Janiece Gurney of Brewster, WA with cousin Orin Wilson of Brewster and nephew Josh Humphrey of North Carolina with 17 of their 18 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also pictured: 12-29-05 Mike Dziuk of Woodinville, WA with an 8.4 pound laker. He was fishing with son Logan.

...and, what a way to start out 2006!!

Pictured: 1-11-06 Bob and Joanne Stevenson of Ellensburg with 14 of their 16 lakers caught during a 4-hour morning trip. Also pictured: 1-5-06 Joe Heinlen of Chelan with a 5.75 pound Rufus triploid

...and, it just gets better!!

Pictured: Jim and Dan Britton of Olympia with their 29 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Deckhand Fransico Rodriguez had to help them display their fish. Jim and Dan again with a 10.5 pound and an 8.5 pound Mackinaw.

Here are pictures from Joe's trip of 2-2-06 and Anton's of 2-3-06.

On consecutive trips (starting with the 1-14-06 trip then a break for the sportsman's shows) these are the 1st, 2nd and 5th best days for numbers we have ever had!

A run like this is worthy of note.

2-2-06 From Joe Heinlen: "Ernie Hohenwald and his partner Garland Wright from Irrigon, Oregon with 28 of their 31 total lakers... Big fish weighing in at 6lbs....What a Birthday Present for me...Told Ernie at the Tri-Cities show that we were fishing on my Birthday and when he showed up at the boat launch he handed me a Birthday Card...So I knew right then and there that I had to catch fish..."

Pictured: 2-3-06 Duane Ehr of Sedro Wooley; Brent Hult and Sheldon Hitchcock of Moses Lake and Jerry Simons of Yakima with 22 of their 24 Mackinaw. Also Pictured 2-3-06 Jerry Simons with the big fish of the day, a 12.7 pounder. Finally, 2-2-06 Ernie Hohenwald and Garland Wright of Irrigon, Oregon with 28 of their 31 lakers.

Pictured: 2-24-06 Thomas Augustine from Hermiston,OR. with 10 of his 16 Lakers. Also Pictured: 2-25-06 Dave and Lore Brackensick of Richland with 14 of their 18 fish on a Half Day

Pictured: 2-28-06: Bill and Gloria Eaves of Marysville on their Fourth Anniversary Fishing Trip.

Pictured: 3-9-06: Lake Roosevelt / J&L Guide Service Guide Lenny Mayo and his crew with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 3-11-06: Contest Winner Lorie Caldwell and Michael Cole with 14 of their 15 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 3-11-06 Lorie again with a nice 7.25 pound Mack.

Pictured: 3-12-06: Bob Hall of Stanwood with the big fish. His fishing partner Peter Flones of Bellingham. That is 6 of their 7 Fish. (The 7th was a 9.4 pounder we got while cleaning fish.) They were 2.5; 3.5; 6.5; 8.8; 9.2; 9.4 and 15.8. Best big fish day in a while.

Pictured: 3-17-06 Ron Wiertella of Renton with an 18.2 pound behemoth. He was out with Beverly Hansor. The additional picture here is Ron with his 18.2 pound fish and an 18.7 pound fish caught by Fred Ross of East Wenatchee about 20 minutes after Ron's fish was caught. Wow! Finally pictured: 3-18-06 Lore Brackensick of Richland, WA with a 19.8 pound monster. She was fishing with some guy named Dave (her husband).

Pictured: 3-25-06 Dan Bailey of Milton with his crew. The big fish was 13 pounds 7oz. There were four more over eight pounds. Also pictured: 3-26-06: Todd, Michelle and Gavin (4) Teague of Conway, AZ with a couple of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 3-29-06: Nicholas Weaver (8) of Corvalis with a 9.6 pound Laker. Also Pictured: 4-3-06: Tom and Sylvia Stinson of Freeland, WA with their four Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 4-4-06: Richard Heard (14) of Everett with proud grandpa Gene Meyers of Everett with a 19.1 pound Mackinaw. Also pictured: 4-7-06: Kyle Schuetze (15) of Prosser with a 15.8 pound Mackinaw. Also pictured: 4-10-06: Dick Thaden and Ralph Worley of Marysville with a dozen Mackinaw.

4-12-06 - Taylor Kunkle (13) of Kent with a 6# Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 4-16-06 - Mark and Carolyn Johnson with their son Cameron (14) with a mixed bag of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and Kokanee.

Pictured: 4-20-06: Haley Kolodychuk (9) of Calgary, Alberta with a 9.3 pound Mackinaw.
4-21-06: Tom Gibbons and son Tommy (7) of Seattle, WA with 6 of their 7 Mackinaw and a typical Lake Chelan kokanee.

Pictured: 4-27-06 Gaylen Provost of Eugene, OR with an 11.7 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. 4-29-06 Bart, Dori and Cody (9) of Shelton with their friends Joel and April Manke also of Shelton with 10 of their 11 lakers.

Pictured: 5-2-06: Brian Whittaker of Ferndale with his son (11) and a pair of 9.4 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also pictured: 5-6-06: Rolf Mogster, Lyle Hansen and Eric Hansen of Shoreline with Robert Luhy of Kent with their 11 lakers and a couple of kokanee.

Pictured: 5-11-06 The Ag Grower Sales group with their catch. That's 27 lakers and 31 kokanee. 5-9-06 Darrell & Dad's guide Anton Jones after his evening "off". A couple of nice 15" Roses rainbows.

Pictured: 5-16-06 Chuck Lawson of Snohomish and Tim Dickison of Snohomish with 9 of their 10 lakers. The big fish was 8.5 pounds Also Pictured: 5-19-06 Mike Dorris of Shoreline with a 9.2 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. There he is with Cynthia Coronel also of Shoreline.

Pictured: 5-23-06 Rob Balderas of Marysville, WA with father, Bricia Balderas of Port Hadlock. Also pictured: 5-26-06 three generations of Mareese's. Matthew on his 9th birthday, father Tony of Bellevue, WA and Grandfather Frank Mareese of Lomira, WI. Again: Matt with a 7 pounder. Finally pictured: 5-28-06 Amity and Brendan Caile of Renton.

Pictured: 6-3-06 Jerry Charlshe of Seattle with Linda Ness, Jackie Swanson and Kurt Swanson of Redmond with 6 of their 7 Mackinaw and 14 of their 17 kokanee. Also Pictured: 6-4-06 Erik Schoen and Neil Jones of the University of Washington with 31 of their 51 kokanee. We were fishing under a research permit for the UW.

Pictured: 6-7-06 Myron Gunderson and Tim Hugg of Keyport, WA with deckhand Ryan Banghart (14) of Manson. Also pictured: 6-12-06 Mariah Fitzpatrick (11) of Cashmere, WA with a 7 pound Mackinaw.

Pictured: 6-13-06 Nate Fitzpatrick (18) of Cashmere, WA with an 11.7 pound Mack. 6-19-06 Three generations of Dittrich's. Father, Dan with Lily (13) and Robin of Peshastin. Uncle Don Grim of Peshastin and Grandfather Ronald Dittrich of Bark River, MI with their nine lakers and 20 of their 21 kokanee.

Pictured: 6-20-06 Andy Kvalhein of Petaluma, CA
with brother-in-law Ernest Scheger of San Carlos, CA.

Pictured: 6-30-06: Proud Grandpa, Jeff Walter of Brewster with his girls, Phoebe Waltman of Quartz Hill, CA and Penny Hunter of Shalimar, FL. Also Pictured: 7-1-06: Tom Baumeister of Wenatchee with a 15 pound Lake Chelan Mack.

Pictured: 7-6-06 Wyatt Smith, age 6, of Bonney Lake with his 6lb.Lake Trout. Tim Kobel of Spanaway and Beau Kobel of Tacoma with 12 Mackinaw, one of which was 12.5 lbs., and 12 Kokanee.

Pictured: 7-14-06 Dan and Jan Carnahan of Lake Stevens with their kids, Bryce (8) and Brenna (10) with their mixed bag of kokanee and lakers. Bryce caught all the fish. He has the makings of a true angler. Also pictured: Pete and Latzy Bliss of Tacoma with their 11 lakers and 11 kokanee.

Pictured: 7-21-06 Rick and Nick (13) Evola with Tom and Chris Hardman of Chelan. They caught 11 lakers and 5 kokanee. Also pictured: 7-22-06 Bill Shaw of Poway, CA with an 11 pound lake trout. He fished with his middle grandson, Korey Latimore (15). They caught 10 other lake trout and 3 kokanee.

Pictured: 7-26-06 - Marissa Talarico of Tualatin, OR with a nice 10.5 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also Pictured: 7-28-06 - Wayne, Roxanne (Blue Moon) and Stellan (13) Giffin of Manson each with a typical Lake Chelan laker.

Pictured: 8-3-06 Steve and Brian Badinec from Seattle with their 13.5 and 17 pound lake trout. Also pictured: 8-7-06 Doug and Griffin Crow (9) of Issaquah, WA with Jim and Carter (5) Johnstone of Rhode Island with 9 of their 11 fish. Finally pictured: 8-7-06 Griffin Crow (9) with a 3.5 pound Lake Chelan Burbot.

Pictured: 8-10-06 - Larry and Eric (10) Rendahl of Bothell, WA with 6 of their 7 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also pictured: "Nate the Great" (Nathaniel, age 8) Roth with a 9.5 pound Mackinaw.

Pictured: 8-16-06 - Jamie and Dave Simpson of Edgewood, WA with Tyler Parsons and Ally Schultz of Puyallup with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Deck Hand Fransico Rodriquez is in the back. Also Pictured: 8-18-06 - Joseph Sherry (7) of Puyallup with a nice Lake Chelan Mack

Pictured: 8-22-06 - Barry Maycock of Branson, MO and Ray Shibles of Kerrville, TX with their 14 Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 8-29-06 - Talon Warner (6) of Everett, WA with a nice Lake Chelan Mack. 9-2-06 - Linda Sorenson of Entiat with an 8.5 Lake Chelan Mack.

9-10-06 - Jim and Eileen Pearson of Medford, Oregon with their lower basin Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

9-16-06 - Chief Arnold Baker of Manson with his crew and their 10 Lake Chelan Mackinaw and 9-18-06 - Phil Johnson of Yakima with son Dewain Johnson and 15 of their 16 Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

9-20-06 Ron Shuyler of Meridian Idaho and brother in law Max Wean of Morristown Indiana.

Pictured: 9-29-06 - Bob Chiles of Woodinville with an 8 pound Mackinaw and 10-2-06 Anna Lidman and Darin Miller of Seattle with 5 of their 6 Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 10-7-06 - Brothers Clair (John of Selah and Steve of Gig Harbor) with 9 of their 11 Lake Chelan lower basin fish and 10-5-06 - Anton Jones of Manson with a typical Rufus Woods triploid of 4 pounds 2 ounces.

Pictured: 10-11-06 - Mark Williams of Everett with sister Wendy Criscuolo of Chelan. Also pictured: 10-13-06 - Zack Landreth (8) of Edmonds with a 4.75 pound lower basin Mackinaw. Zack was fishing with his dad, Rick, cousin Ben (10) and grandfather Duane Olberg also of Edmonds. Ben caught his very first fish on this trip. Finally pictured: Zack and Ben with their 6 lakers

Pictured: 10-22-06 Jamie Whiteside (13) of Bellevue with a 10 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also Pictured: 10-22-06 Jamie Whiteside (13) and fishing partner Anthony Marrese also of Bellevue with 6 of their 9 Lake Chelan fish.

Pictured: 10-24-06 Brothers Craker - Gerald of Entiat and Jay of Northport, Michigan - with their Lake Chelan Mackinaws and 10-25-06 James and Wendy Long of Olympia celebrating their 25th anniversary vacation.

Pictured: 10-31-06 - Mike and Janina Green with son Patrick and friend Tony Gray all of of Coeur D Alene, ID with 12 of their 13 Lakers. Also Pictured: 11-1-06 - Bob Stephens of Phoeniz, AZ with his 10 pound laker.

11-9-06 Lloyd Myles formerly of Chelan with 3 nice Rufus Triploids to 8 pounds that were caught by guide Joe Heinlen and him. 11-10-06 Leo Odore with his son Tim and Grandson's Brandon (18) and Matt (16) of Mill Creek with their 11 Laker catch. The 2 biggest fish were both 8.75 pounds. This was a 4 hour trip.

Pictured: 11-2-06 Dave Poirer of Malaga, WA with a 12 pound / 26 inch Rufus Woods Triploid. Also pictured: 11-19-06 - Chandler Parker Widman (8) of Wenatchee with a Lake Chelan Laker on his birthday trip with Grandpa Anton Jones of Manson and Joe Heinlen of Chelan Falls.

Pictured: 11-21-06 - Jeff Buck of Manson and his Dad Duane with a dozen Lake Chelan Mackinaw. And Duane Buck again with the big fish of the day, a nice 10.5 pound Mack.

Pictured: From 2-25-06 Lori & Dave Brackensick of Richland, WA with their 4-hour-day catch.
Also, Lori with the 12# 9oz fish of the day.

We are getting close to closing out the year. Here is Andy Byrd of Selah.
Winter can be some of the hottest fishing on Lake Chelan.

Pictured: 12-20-06 - Mike O'Neil with sons Dreu (17) and Reily (12) with their haul of lower basin Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Oh, YEAH...what a way to be ending 2006. 12/28/06 - Don Lockwood of Castle Rock, WA with a 14 pound Rufus Woods Triploid Rainbow.

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