Here is Al Brooks of Manson, Washington, with the Triploid Rainbow he caught at Rufus Woods on January 15, 2005.

Here is Dave Poirier of Malaga with a 26 inch / 12 pound Rufus triploid rainbow
from Guide Joe Heinlen's 2-11-05 trip.

Here is Jake Ostlund with his dad Nick of Lynnwood, WA and his Grandfathers Wayne Shafer of Renton, WA and Harken Ostlund of Bothell, WA. They caught 17 Lake Chelan Mackinaw with
Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service on 2-11-05.

Woo hoo! Looks good now. From 2-16-05 here is the Scheibner's of Athena, OR and the Badley's of Warrenton, OR. Dick and Tommy caught all the fish. Elaine and Cindy helped hold them up after going shopping for the day.

Chuck Hellier of West Richland, WA and his friends Paul Benburger and Bill Bracken
with their 2-19-05 catch of Mackinaw.

James Spudich of Monroe with an 8.5 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw caught on 3-12-05.

Coby Young (11) of Oso, WA with a 2.75 Rufus Woods triploid rainbow.

Charles Ream, his boys Cody (10) and Adam (8) with their friend Bill Yousey, all of Cashmere with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw for 3-19-05.

Ernie Hohenwald and Mike Williamson of Irrigon, Oregon, with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw caught on 3-19-05.

Some people get a whole lot of luck. Check out the 108 pound stringer of fish caught on March 23rd. The Gelakoski and Milanoski families were out fishing with Anton and got a total of SEVENTEEN beauties - the largest in the middle was 17.9 pounds. This was caught as a 'double' with the slightly smaller 9 pounder. Not bad for a quick day of fishing!

Not to be outdone, three days later Irvin Alloway of Cashmere caught a 19 pound
Mackinaw and with Robert Demory of Wenatchee caught a total of
16 Lake Chelan Mackinaw that weighed 113 pounds.

Pictured: (3-31-05) Bob Lortie with his buddies from Wenatchee with 14 of their 15 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also pictured: (4-1-05) Elizabeth (17) and Andrew (15) Behrens of Poulsbo with a couple of their Lakers. They were fishing with their Dad, Tom Behrens. Also pictured: (4-2-05) Mark Pidgeon of Bellevue with his 9 Lake Chelan Macks. Also pictured: Norihiro Shiotsu (7) with his Dad, Goichi Shiotsu with a couple of their Lake Chelan Lakers. The big fish was 9.6 pounds.

Pictured: 4-6-05 Ron Rucshner of Graham, WA with a 16.7 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also pictured: 4-7-05 - Anton Jones' (Aka: Dad) grandson's Tyler Wilson (12) of Spangle, WA and Chandler Widman (6) of Manson with a couple of spring break Lake Chelan macs.

Pictured: Mike Murphy of Everett and friend Chard Christoffersen of Seattle with their 11 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Big fish was 9 pounds. Also Pictured: John Deboo of Kent with grandson Drew (9) and kids Scott and Tanya Deboo of Auburn with their 17 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Deck hand Dominic Romiti of Chelan is in the picture with them. Tanya is pictured with the 10.9 pound big fish of the day.

Pictured: Gayle Dobish of Bellevue, WA with a 16.5 pound laker; John Roush of San Rafael, CA with a 15.2 pound laker; and Brenden Henesey (12.5) of Silverdale, WA with a 14 pound laker;

Do you get the idea that this is one happy boy? I know I would be. Pictured: 4-30-05: Travis Sitton (12) and his dad, J.D. of Kennewick with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also Pictured: 5-1-05 Travis Sitton again with a brace of Lake Chelan lakers that went 6.5 and 7.75 pounds.

Pictured: 5-9-05 All three DeMaris' from the North Sound with Paul's 10# Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also Pictured: 5-10-05 Kyle Plew of Manson with his little buddy Jordan of Chelan and their 10 Lake Chelan Mack.

Pictured: 5-14-05: Eva Adams, Trudy Meinecke, Erica Rikera and Valerie Fisher with their half-day's catch. Also, pictured: 5-16-05: Chris Winters and Anthony Tedder with a pair of eight pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 5-19-05 The Agri-Fresh gang from East Wenatchee with the product of their Company party fishing trip with the guides of Darrell & Dad's. Also pictured 5-21-05 Mike Lowe of Mercer Island with fishing partners Dave Lowe of Renton and Dave of Bellevue with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and kokanee; 5-21-05 Arno Johnson of Yakima Bait Co. with a nice 13.4 Lake Chelan Mackinaw (Guide Joe Heinlen is there with him); and 5-22-05 Aarya Tushimi of Bellevue with a nice 10.5 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw caught on an exceedingly tough day of fishing.

Pictured: 5-29-05 Rick Frazier of Redmond, WA with a 16.2 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also pictured: 5-30-05 Benjamin Doniego of Sumner, WA and Tina Thomas of Olympia with four nice Lake Chelan Mackinaw all from 7.5 to 8.5 pounds. Finally pictured: 5-28-05 Grant Hornbeak of Chelan with Son-in-law Russ Ortiz, and grandsons, Noah Ortiz & Jonah Ortiz of Portland, Or with a few lakers and nice haul of kokanee.

Pictured: 6-3-05 Dan and Shirley Philabaum of Snohomish with their Lake Chelan haul. The big fish were 13 and 14 pounds.

Pictured: Jared & Jeremy Johnson of Hadlock with their girlfriends and a mixed bag of lakers and kokanee. Michelle Kruse with a nice 7.75 pound laker taken on her anniversary off "Mack Bar". Michelle Kruse again with her fish and her husband John's fish...

Pictured: 6-18-05 - Dave Buchanan of Malaga with a nice 10 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. He was out with his brother and father. Also pictured: 6-19-05 - A Fathers Day pair. Ted Markow's Sr. and Jr. (Sr. is from Connecticut and Jr. is from Seattle, WA. This is 11 of the 13 Mackinaw they caught on Sunday morning. They also boated 6 kokanee.

6-27-05 Londyn Porter (15) of Bella Vista Arkansas with a nice 5 pound Mack and Londyn with her Dad Erik Porter and grandfather Bob Focht of Ocean Shores with their 10 Lake Chelan lakers

Pictured: 6-30-05 - Katlyn Miller (8) of Lake Stevens with a nice 14 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw and John Zoulek of Kennewick with his 3 sons (John Elliott, 13; Jake, 11; Jared, 4.5) with their 6 lake trout and 5 kokanee. The big fish was 9.4 pounds.

Pictured: 7-7-05 Larry and Patti Chime of Woodinville with their 10 Lake Chelan Mackinaw, 7-8-05 JR Ruhnke (12) of Bellevue with his 11 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw, and 7-11-05 Carol Bertsch of Humble, TX with her 14 pound Mack.

Pictured: 7-12-05 - John Bertsch with a 10# Lake Chelan Mack caught first thing in the morning near the Yacht Club and 7-18-05 - Jim Burwell of Shoreline with Marc Ottason and 7 of their 8 Lake Chelan lakers mostly caught from 12:30 PM to 2PM off of Rocky Point.

Pictured: 7-21-05 Paul Davis of Kalamazoo, MI with his crew and their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and kokanee and 7-23-05 Scott Bibbens of Wenatchee and his parents Terri & Dick Bibbens of Tucson, AZ with their catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and a kokanee.

Pictured: 7-31-05 Mike & Stacy Willette of Rathdrum, ID with their mixed bag of Lake Chelan Mackinaw and kokanee. This was a nice half day trip for their anniversary. Also Pictured: 8-1-05 Acy Wood (11) of Bothell, WA with a 10 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 8-9-05 Sean McKinley of Issaquah with an 8.5 lb Lake Chelan Mackinaw

Pictured: 8-12-05: Steve Dilley of Wenatchee with his boys: Luke (13), Jake (11) and Joseph (7) with their 9 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. The big fish was 19 pounds. Guide Joe Heinlen put them on these fish. Deck Hand, Dominic Romiti is in the back helping to hold this big pile of fish up. Also Pictured: 8-10-05 Alex Walimaa (8) with little brother Kristian Walimaa (3) of Federal Way with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. They are from Federal Way, WA. Their Mom, Sandy brought them out to fish.

Pictured: 8-17-05 David Livingston of Bothell, Wa with his boys David (13) and Canon (11) as well as brother-in-law Mark Louis of N. Olmsted, OH with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also Pictured: 8-19-05 Nicholas Carter (12) of Phoenix, AZ with his Lake Chelan lakers. 8-22-05 Mark and Sandra O'Donnell with their boys Riley (9) and Tanner (7) with 6 of their 7 lakers.

Pictured: 8-28-05: Gladys Smith of Yuma, AZ with a 10 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. She was fishing with her husband Eddie and her daughter Linda Lea of Manson, WA. 8-30-05: Michele Parrott and Marni Rice of Shoreline, WA with their 5 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. The big fish was 7 pounds.

Pictured: 9-10-05 John Sweeden of Chelan with Earl Compton of Salem, Oregon with their ten Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 9-15-05 - Janet Rosa of Mercer Island with a nice 12 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw. She was fishing with her husband Marty and friends Craig and Carol Battison also of Mercer Island. Also Pictured: 9-17-05 - Jack Swabowski of Plainfield, IL; Chris Schultz of Shoreline, WA and Ralph Stevens of Lynnwood, WA with their 12 lakers. The big fish were 11 and 9 pounds.

Pictured: Mike Forhan of Leavenworth with a nice 10 pound Lake Chelan Mackinaw.
Also pictured: Three generations of Forhans, Rudy, Bill and Mike.

Pictured: Fransico Rodriguez of Manson, WA with his first
Lake Chelan Mackinaw, a 4.5 pounder. Also pictured: Julie Davis of Island Park, Idaho with a nice 6.5 pound Mackinaw.

Pictured:10-6-05 - Charlen Satrom of Kent, OH and sister Anne Rames of Puyallup, WA with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also Pictured: 10-9-05 - Stellan Giffen of Manson, WA with a pretty Antilon Lake Brown Trout.

Pictured: 10-13-05 - Del Bigelow of Sandy, UT with his Lake Chelan Mackinaw Also Pictured: 10-14-05 - Tom Walters of Chelan, WA with brother Ted of Kennewick, WA with their Mackinaw and couple of Chelan's cutthroat trout.

Pictured: 10-24-05 - Rob Balderas of Marysville, WA with his father Bricio Balderas of Port Townsend, WA and father in law Jim Statler of Spokane, WA. Also pictured: 10-18-05 - Jesse (11) and Jacob (8) Mckay of Graham, WA both, with their first fish ever.

Pictured: Rick Lahaye with his son Michael (11) of Maple Valley with their "eater" sized Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

Pictured: 11-11-05: Kevin Russell of Ferndale with sons Sam (6) and Joey (10). Chandler Widman (7) of Manson in the middle with their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also Pictured: 11-12-05: Brett and Dani Lenz of Ellensburg with their sons: Garreck (10); Haydn (9) and Carver (6) with some of their Lake Chelan Mackinaw. The big fish was 5 pounds.

Pictured: 11-17-05 Donn Vey of Manson and Ralph Schwartz of Chelan with our four man limit of rainbows and kokanee. The big fish was 5 pounds. Anton Jones and Joe Heinlen of Darrell and Dad's were along. Joe Heinlen was the guide for the day.

Pictured: 11-26-05 Bruce Hurst of Chelan with son Kyle Hurst of Walla Walla
with 7 of their 8 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. It was a beautiful morning.
We had a very pleasant 4 hour trip.

Pictured: 12-10-05 Darrell & Dad's Guide Service Deck Hand of the Year Dominic Romiti (14) of Chelan with a nice eating sized Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Dominic was out with guides Joe Heinlen and Anton Jones. Throughout 2005 he was the guy that cleaned up, netted fish, prepped the boats and entertained customers in all kinds of weather at all sorts of hours.
Thank you Dominic!

And to wrap up 2005.....

Pictured: 12-29-05 - Janiece Gurney of Brewster, WA with cousin Orin Wilson of Brewster and nephew Josh Humphrey of North Carolina with 17 of their 18 Lake Chelan Mackinaw. Also pictured: 12-29-05 Mike Dziuk of Woodinville, WA with an 8.4 pound laker. He was fishing with son Logan.

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