Here are some shots of trophy catches, kid catches, and impressive strings of fish.

This is 11 year-old James Smith with his 16.2 pound, 37 inch fish.
He caught it on April 15th. Not bad, huh?

Here are friends Marcasa Dixon and Tiana Shuford with a
38.5" / 16.7 lb Lake Chelan Mackinaw.

June 26, 2004 - the Hornbeaks of Arizona and the Hildebrands of California. Loren Hildebrand caught a nice 36", 16.5 pounder.

Father and son & Tiffany.

The Rodgers of Seattle caught a nice string in 5 hours.

Who says quantity doesn't count?

Steve Bennett and family.

Shuford and Dixon boys and girls in competition on consecutive morning half-day catches. Obviously the fish weren't concerned about the forest fires! --- Hmmmm....which counts more?
Size or number?


Strings of fish.

<< >>

The Family that fishes together, stays together.

John Pleyte with his sons-in-law.

Father & son, Don and Eric Schmidt. They are pictured with 8.5# & 9# lake trout that came consecutively & with their total catch of 14 Lake Chelan lake trout.


Tom Alexander of Manson with a nice hatchery hen from the Methow.

Pictured is 10 year old Charle Brennan with a 29 pound 3.5 ounce lake trout. He let his dad John Brennan hold the fish. This is a 41" fish with a 30" girth.

11-1/2 pound Laker.

The Dobishs of Bellevue.

Anton with an 8 pound hatchery male he caught on the Methow.

Dr. John Pleyte's family, 94, 84 and 82 years young...

Mike Turrian of El Paso, TX with a nice 13# Lake Chelan mackinaw.

The picture below is our grandson: Chandler Parker Widman (age 5) with a nice Lake Chelan Mackinaw caught on 11-4-05.

Late fall fishing trips - three generations of Ramello men of Chelan and Connie Humphrey and Bill Roberts of Okanogan, with Connie's sister Jeniece of Brewster and Connie's son Josh who is home on leave before heading over to Iraq.


Joe Heinlen of Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service with a 14 pound, 33" Rufus Woods walleye and a 7 pound Rufus Woods Triploid Rainbow Trout.


Alicia Ramahlo of Puyallup with some Lake Chelan Mackinaw from 11-27-04.

Kevin Reed, 13 of Tacoma, with his 15 pound Mackinaw - oh, and his dad and friend from a half-day trip.

"Boonie" Myers (12) with a nice 34", 13.5lb. Lake Chelan Mackinaw from the PM trip on 12-22-04.

And to wrap up the 2004 fishing season, we have Tyler Heinlen, of Kelso, with a 5 pound Rufus Woods Triploid Rainbow and Noella Wyatt, of Ellensburg, with a 2-hour catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw - the center fish was 6-3/4 pounds. These were all caught on 12-31-04.

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